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Unique Betta Fish Tanks

This article tells you about Unique Betta Fish Tanks. Want to create a unique environment and give your fish an interesting tank to live in? Aside from providing all the necessary components to make sure your betta fish live for a few years, you don’t have to have a bland and boring tank. Here’s some unique betta fish tanks that have been inspired from all over the internet.

Unique Betta Fish Tanks

Balance Tank

The balance tank can be set on the ledge of a shelf, on a table or somewhere sturdy. The idea is to have half of the tank balancing or dangling off the edge. Remember to center most of the weight of the tank on the side that’s firmly planted on a steady surface though so it doesn’t fall off.

Plant Pot/Tank

The idea behind this tank is to make one tank and have it used for both a plant pot and an aquarium. Obviously, the plant will need to be separated by a divider from the actual aquarium.

Air Aquarium

This one gives you a lot of room for imagination but the idea is to have the aquarium hovering in the air and held up by table legs or perhaps mounted to a wall.

iPod Tank

While this one isn’t recommended due to the lack of oxygen, it’s still unique none the less. This uses the design of an iPod and instead places the bare essentials such as gravel and water inside.

Sink Aquarium

While it’s definitely going to require a level of expertise and a higher budget, one unique idea is to actually turn your sink into an aquarium. Your sink still operates the same but you can wash your hands over the aquarium and the top is a removable lid for managing the aquarium.

Plant & Jar Shelf

This is a relatively simple idea but creative. It combines the usage of a small plant like a flower and a mason jar that’s dangling from a shelf. The jar will have gravel inside but due to the conflict between flowers needing natural sunlight and betta fish needing to be kept out of sunlight, this one more than likely isn’t probable.

Mountain Fishbowl

This is a simple idea that has a mountain or texture in the middle of the tank. However, it’s recommended not to use glass or anything that the fish may see their reflection in because betta fish don’t commonly play well with themselves in the mirror.

Coffee Table Tank

No matter how small or large your coffee table is, you could have a coffee table inspired tank. You would use the table as you normally would but have a removable lid on the top to manage the tank.

Bridge/Pipe Tank

If you’d like to 1) not take up a lot of room and 2) give your fish some room for exploration then maybe a pipe style tank is what you’d like to shoot for. To accomplish this, you need a lot of glass/plastic tubes for holding water and you need a lot of wall/ceiling mounts for every 5-6 feet.

Sofa Tank

What about turning the sides of your couch into fish tanks? Simply remove or you can have a couch custom made to turn those armrests into fish tanks and have the top removable so that you can manage the tank.

Please keep in mind that while some of these ideas are fun, betta fish still need 2.5 gallon tanks as a minimum to thrive.

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