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Aquarium Design

In the article it is spoken in detail about Aquarium Design. The best way to start off a brand new fish tank, regardless of whether it is your very first fish tank or one of many that you have around the house if to plan your aquarium design. You don’t have to be so elaborate and detailed but you do need a rough idea of what your aquarium design is eventually going to look like.

Aquarium Design

Aquarium Design Considerations

There are a number of considerations that you do need to take into account when trying to figure out your ideal aquarium design. This includes:

  • The types of fish you plan to breed.
  • Do you have an overall theme that you are aiming for?
  • Are you planning to have live plants?
  • What type of decor do you plan to use?
  • The size of the fish tank.

Jot down these considerations on a piece of paper as a guide and work your ultimate aquarium design around these factors. This will allow you the chance to adjust your plans and make changes before you make the mistake of buying items and equipment that you will not use.

The Biotope Aquarium Design

One of the most popular aquarium design which has been gaining in popularity each year is the biotope aquarium design. The aim of a biotope fish tank is to replicate as close as possible the actual ecosystem in nature within the confines of the fish tank. You can regard it as your own piece of nature in your own home, complete with the correct type of plant life, rocks and even fish.

A biotope aquarium design that is well planned and executed can be extremely impressive. It will be a better visual representation of the part of the world that is mimic and is ideal for someone who has a love for the country that the aquarium design replicates. It would be a great ideal to do a more in depth study into the type of ecosystem that you plan to replicate in order to prepare the ideal fish tank with the correct components.

Types Of Biotope Aquarium Design

To help you with your biotope aquarium design, here are a few suggestions that you could try. The end result will rely on your creative imagination.

The Amazon Aquarium Design

When well executed, this popular aquarium design will look superb. Some of the best fish that you can select for to replicate the Amazon include the Cardinal Tetra, Cory Cat, Hatchet and Ram Cichlid which can be bought from the more popular fish shops. Apart from fish, you would also need to make the right selection of plants. One which can easily be bought is the Amazon Sword plant species. Use medium sized gravel for the base and place a nice medium sized driftwood to enhance the effect.

The African Lake Aquarium Design

You may be one of the many African cichlid lovers in this country so it is only natural for you to want to give your prized cichlids a home that feels like the one they left behind. African cichlids tend to be territorial and you would want to provide them with personal places for them to hide in when they need a time out. Unlike the Amazon aquarium design, you would not be using driftwood this time. The African lake terrain in mainly rocks with caves and nooks for the fish to swim into. Also, you would not be placing any plants in the fish tank because the active African cichlids do have a tendency to uproot them. Use a rougher grade of gravel for this type of fish tank as well.

Replicate Your Own Homeland

Yes, that’s right. Why not have an aquarium design that replicates the lakes that your own native fish live in. You will definitely find many gorgeous varieties of fish from North America such as Sunfish, Shiners, Darters and Dace. The plant life will be extremely easy to buy and so too the rocks and driftwood of the exact variety that you need. Study the lakes that are near you and choose the best local aquarium design for your fish tank.

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