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What Discus Fish Tank Size Should You Get

The article gives an analysis of What Discus Fish Tank Size Should You Get. If you have decided to start keeping discus fish the first thing that comes to mind is what sort of discus fish tank size should you get.  A discus fish tank can come in an enormous varieties of styles, sizes and of course price. Whatever you choose, your discus are going to have to live with it so there are certain discus tank requirements that should be met.

What Discus Fish Tank Size Should You Get

It is recommended that the size of the discus fish tank should be no smaller than 48 wide, 6 inches deep and 20 inches in height (about 120cm X 40cm X 50cm) Remember that discus fish can grow over 8 inches and sometimes more. Due to their shape they also like deep tanks better. So  buy the largest discus tank you can afford.

You should also install the discus fish tank best filtration system you can afford but you don’t need to go overboard.

Discus are a shy fish so the location of the discus tank is also important so make sure you locate it away from busy and noisy areas. Also make sure that you keep the tank away from direct sunlight and any heating sources. (radiators and the like). Place the tank up as high as feasible (not ridiculously so) as discus fish do not like movement above them as it can cause stress.

So how should you decorate your discus fish tank.  Other than discus what should you put in your tank? Putting some fine gravel in the bottom of your discus tank would be a good start. If you want plants in your tank you can use live plants or artificial plants (or both) but lets face it you should prefer live plants. It’s up to you. Other items are rocks or driftwood to give that natural look. Don’t clutter to much as the fish have to be able to move around. Remember they can grow quite large. Also part of the fun is researching the discus fish natural habitat and emulating it.

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