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5 Best Guppy Food for Bright Color, Growth and Immune Support (2019-2020)

Guppy is one of the most active, learning fish that needs well-chosen food for growth, active life and maintaining a healthy immune system. They also need to consume a lot of protein in order to replenish their energy reserves.

Based on the above factors, the best guppy health food will contain a mixture of natural proteins and ingredients that will help improve their color and make it brighter.

The texture of the selected food is also of great importance. All keepers of guppies know that they have an inverted mouth, and at the same time, they eat food at the surface of the water. Perfect food for guppy fish should swim well, while gradually sinking, be soft and quickly absorbed by the guppy.

We will now explore some of the best choices on the market.

Check out the table below, where we compare the best food.

1. Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy for Pet Health



This guppy food from Hikari is very popular. It is the result of research and observation of guppy life and habits. Among other things, the creators of this food conducted research on growth rates, dietary preferences, coloring, and immunity.

As a result, Hikari developed one of the smallest granules, which contains a huge number of unique ingredients that give the fish everything they need for a happy life and prosperity.

This food has a remarkable structure. It acts like a sponge, quickly absorbs water and becomes soft, while not dissolving in water at all and not polluting it.

The pellets slowly descend, allowing the fish to quickly eat them before they fall to the bottom. At the same time, uneaten food does not pollute the aquarium.

This unique formula contains all the necessary substances for guppy health, including linolenic acid to stimulate growth and stabilized vitamin C, which supports the immune system. In addition, as part of this product, you will find iodine derived from seaweed.

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2. Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food


This unique food in the form of micro granules fully satisfies the nutritional needs of guppies, it is almost identical to the natural food that they eat in their natural habitat.

These pellets come in different colors and float well on water, they can be seen very easily underwater or on the surface. This food has a very soft texture that is very easy to digest.

The recipe for these micro granules includes a combination of marine and vegetable proteins, which are specially selected by specialists to meet the energy needs of small fish, which include guppies. To enhance the color of the coloring, krill and spirulina are included in the food.

These pellets are designed for slow diving, which takes a long time to reach the bottom of the aquarium so that the fish at all levels can enjoy. Also, there is no turbidity of the water, so anything that gets to the bottom will not disturb the water balance.

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3. Omega One Super Color Flakes


If you are looking for specialized food to enhance the color of your fish, then this food is the best choice!
In their composition, granules contain salmon with an increased level of beta-carotene, thanks to which the guppies in your aquarium will acquire a deep, rich color. Every aquarist knows that beta-carotene is the fastest way to maintain bright colors of guppy.

What’s inside?

Halibut, salmon and fresh seaweed, thanks to which guppies get real, natural fats. This type of food contains a lot of protein, a little starch and it does not pollute the water.

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4. TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food


Tetra recently improved the guppy food formula, making the pellets even more balanced to maintain the growth and health of your fish. This food was specially developed for such active fish as guppies and contains omega-3 fatty acids inside. Therefore, we recommend these granules.

As part of the food carefully selected proteins that balance the body, help with growth and health. The food includes shrimp squirrels, so the color of the fish will be very bright.

This formula also ensures no water pollution. It is worth adding that this food is digested very quickly thanks to probiotics, thanks to this the aquarium is polluted much more slowly.

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5. API Fish Food Pellets


Another great choice for guppy food is from API. These granules with a high content of protein contribute to the rapid growth, maintaining immunity, and also help to maintain the purity of the aquarium water.

If any food wasn’t eaten and sinks to the bottom, there is a danger that it will decompose and add ammonia into the water. However, this will not happen if you will choose API granules. This food slowly sinks and is easily digested by guppies, leaving less waste in the water.

The composition includes algae, shrimp, worms and other sources of animal and vegetable protein.

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What is the best food for the guppies?

From our point of view, the best guppy food is Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guppy for Pet Health. Since the formula of this food is based on extensive research of guppies, it has everything you need for a healthy life and prosperity of guppies.

The texture of this food is perfect, soft and slowly sinking, so guppies can easily digest food and have enough time to get to it before it sinks. In addition, this food completely prevents the turbidity of the water from the leftovers.

How often to feed the guppy fish?

Adults should feed 2-3 times a day. You can give them some food in the morning and a little bit in the evening.

It is important to remember that guppies breed very quickly and are viviparous. This means that instead of laying eggs, they actually produce tiny swimming fish.

If you do not separate babies from adults, children will soon become food. Your adult guppies should have a healthy and organic diet, especially when there is a younger generation of fish in the aquarium.

Another thing to remember is that small guppies should eat much more often than adults because they grow so fast. You must feed them from four to eight times a day.

How much food to give?

Guppies should receive as much food they can eat in about 1.5-2 minutes. Remember that they have small stomachs, but they love to overeat, which can be very dangerous.


For guppies to grow healthy and big, it is very important to choose the right granules. Natural ingredients will provide beautiful and bright colors. Look for foods that contain a lot of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids are also good because they provide the fish with fast energy that guppies need with such an active lifestyle.

Our selection of the best guppy food is Hikari USA Tropical Fancy Guitar for Pet Health. It not only helps guppies grow but also helps them develop a strong immune system and improves coloring. In addition, it does not pollute the water and is easily absorbed.

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