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Puffer Fish for the Tropical Fish Tank

In the article it is spoken in detail about Puffer Fish for the Tropical Fish Tank. Carinotetraodon Irrubesco, better known as the red-eyed puffer fish, is a stunning gem of a fish, ideal for a green and foliage-furnished tropical aquarium.

Puffer Fish for the Tropical Fish Tank

This puffer fish is an ideal choice for the aquarist ready to move to the next level and with an interest in ‘oddball’ fish. The quirky mannerisms of these little dwarf puffers make them a real pet in the fish tank; they quickly come to recognise their owner at meal-times and will gather at the glass expectantly.

A Dwarf Puffer Fish?

Attaining a size of only 4.5cm, they fall into the category of dwarf puffer, making them ideal for the ‘smaller’ aquarium. Furthermore, these little fish are easy to sex, with females having a mottled brown body and brown dashes on the cream under-belly and males having a ‘firmer’ top colouration with light and dark brown horizontal bands. Often males also sport a red ventral line (on the belly) and have red tail-fins (leading to another, confusing nickname of red-tailed puffer).

The Perfect Aquarium Setup

An ideal set up for these wonderful puffer fish would be an aquarium of approximately 120 litres for a trio – that is one male and two females. Set this up with either a dark gravel base or a dark sand, which really brings out the red tones on these wonderful fish. Offer plenty of caves and hiding places and plant the aquarium heavily to break lines of sight; these fish are tolerant of their own kind, but only just! Males can be quite territorial and vicious, even with females. Females may also take a dislike to one another, so offering an opportunity to hide away is always wise.

In such a planted set-up, these fish look splendid. They move smoothly and hover over food and interesting-looking items with a real curiosity. Some may think three fish in an aquarium looks bare – but plant the tank and make it an underwater garden and it becomes almost a piece of art. Watching for the emergence of the fish becomes a wonderful experience.

Is It Suitable for the Community Aquarium?

However, C. Irrubesco is often sold as a community puffer. It can be kept with other fish, but do not overcrowd it. The puffers seem to display little interest in other tropical fish species and have been kept successfully with faster-moving tetras, catfish (of the L-number variety; bristlenoses are good tank cleaners as well as tank mates) and even with another ‘community’ (never fully trust a puffer; there is always the potential for nipping) puffer fish called colomesus asellus.

How To Care For Your Puffer Fish

Now for a little background: C. Irrubesco hails from South-East Asia and enjoys acidic conditions, although it will tolerate a little above neutral and is a true freshwater fish; and as with any tropical fish, it likes its temperatures on the warm side, around 75-77 degrees.

Like all puffer fish, the red-eye puffer is sensitive to high levels of nitrite and so keeping up with regular tank maintenance is imperative. These guys like it clean! Feeding is relatively easy; most frozen foods are readily accepted, and providing the occasional snail for the ‘crunch factor’ is beneficial though not essential.

Why Choose This Puffer For My Tropical Fish Tank?

If you are looking to keep a more usual fish in your aquarium, then keep an eye out for the red-eye puffer, carinotetraodon irrubesco; it’s a great pet with lots of personality and wonderful to look at. They have all the fun of the bigger puffers, with less of the aggression. It’s a great choice for any advanced aquarist and a beautiful dwarf puffer fish to liven up any tropical fish tank.

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