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Some Common Maintenance Requirements For Your Koi Pond

In the article I share what I learned about Some Common Maintenance Requirements For Your Koi Pond. Are you eager to make your pond and your Koi fish healthy? Pond maintenance on a regular basis is the secret to getting a lovely pond with hale and hearty Koi fish. Maintenance Tasks comprise of the subsequent tasks as stated below:

Koi Pond

Partial Replacement of pond Water

You should partially replace 10 percent of the pond water once a week and the replacement should be made on regular basis. The changes are basically needed for eradicating nitrates that get accumulated in the water of your pond.

Nitrates are the byproducts of biological filtration system but do not harm the fish. When the nitrate concentrates in the pond, it will encourage algae bloom, discoloration of water which in the long run will harm the pond inhabitants excluding the plants.

Unproductive parts Replacement

The essential equipments like the pumps in addition to electrical components like bulbs used for UV systems, the lights used underwater. The submersible pumps lifetime is only 2 to 2.5 years. Thus you should take extra care of maintaining such parts when you are designing your pond as well as the piping systems.

Maintenance must be done effortlessly so that you don’t have to drain your pond while performing regular maintenance. Keep a supportive pump to keep your Koi alive which may die without proper aeration for a few hours.

Maintenance of Filter

Biological filtration usually depends on the activities of bacteria. Thus the best idea is to clean your filter, once you are in need of any filter media such as filter mats or coral chips or beads and overtime would clog after prolonged use. So, you have to pay particular attention of such things for the health of your Koi.

As soon as this occurs, you would take action of cleaning these items. An excellent way of cleaning the build up dirt in these filter media are back-flushing them, i.e. transfer a flow of water in the reverse direction which also depends on the design of your filter system. It is recommended not to clean the entire filter chambers at one go as some bacteria should stay back for your filter to work.

Sometimes you wish for to lessen the fish feeding for nearly a week after you have finished with your filter maintenance. This is usually done to let your biological filter to reinstate in its previous state. If you see your Koi is lacking energy or showing signs of pain and always settling at the bottom, you can stop their feeding completely.

Maintenance of the Pond

If you have no bottom drains constructed into the pond design, the fragments like fallen leaves or sticks as well as fish waste or sludge gets accumulated at your pond’s bottom. If your ponds have bottom drains, such debris will not be allowed to accumulate as they will continuously get sucked through the filter system.

Hence the pond maintenance is comparatively easier than those ponds without such drain systems. If no such filter system is in place in your pond then you can opt to go with a pond vacuum cleaner which is able to suck up all the dirt from your pond.

You need to remove the Algae frequently if you do not change the water of your pond partially or lack a good filter system. Algae, such as string algae, will breed on the side of your pond and can be removed by coiling them around an elongated stick just like a cotton candy.

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