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Salt Water Fish Tanks

Salt water fish tanks are not as easy to maintain as freshwater tanks, and saltwater fish are more sensitive than freshwater fish. For these reasons, it is vital that you do a good amount of research before plunging into the world of salt water fish tanks.

Salt Water Fish Tanks

For starters, there are a number of choices you must make about the fish you will keep in your saltwater aquarium. Since saltwater fish come from the ocean, you can capture your aquarium’s future inhabitants from their natural homes. However, this is not the most desirable way of acquiring fish for salt water tanks, because adapting to saltwater aquarium life can be difficult for wild-caught species of saltwater fish.

It’s a better idea to get your fish from a breeder who raises saltwater fish in captivity. Captive bred saltwater species do much better in home aquariums, and a professional breeder can help with some of the more complex issues that are involved with setting up a salt water aquarium in your home.

There are several different types of saltwater aquariums, and we have described them for you here. Choosing from these salt water fish tanks is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding your saltwater aquarium.

1. Salt Water Fish Only Aquarium

There are two types of saltwater fish: tropical and cold water. Usually, the brightly colored tropical fish are more attractive, so they are generally more popular than the cold water variety. Clownfish and Angel Fish are two species of tropical fish that most people have heard of, but many have never heard of cold water species like the Shanny or Tompot Blenny. Since you only have to take care of the fish in this type of saltwater aquarium, it is generally the easiest saltwater tank to maintain.

2. Invertebrate Only Aquarium

Obviously, you will find invertebrates in this type of saltwater tank. That includes hermit crabs, prawn, shrimp, and sometimes sea cucumbers or starfish.

3. Combination Salt Water Fish and Invertebrate Aquarium

A combination tank houses both saltwater fish and invertebrates together. As would be expected, maintenance of this type of aquarium is more complex because you have to tend to the needs of two completely different types of creatures. Additionally, you must be sure to completely research each species so you never combine predator and prey in the same tank. This type of saltwater aquarium also tends to be more susceptible to disease.

4. Coral Reef Aquarium

The coral reef aquarium is one of the most difficult saltwater environments to maintain. If you really want to venture into this arena, it is imperative that you gain as much knowledge as possible about this delicate creature and all of its characteristics.

5. Specialty Salt Water Aquarium

A specialty salt water tank usually features one particular type of saltwater creature. Some of the most unusual saltwater species, like sea horses, are kept in specialty aquariums. Others include octopus, rays and sharks. Specialty aquariums are good for more sensitive species because they have very specific needs and do much better when the entire saltwater environment is devoted to their care and well being.

The most important thing about maintaining salt water fish tanks is education. You will only be successful with saltwater aquariums if you do the research and follow all of the specific requirements of these unique and wonderful creatures.

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