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Small Fish Tanks

Small fish tanks (also known as mini fish aquariums) can squeeze and create a place for themselves almost anywhere. You can find one in the college dorm, nursing homes and apartments. Even the most crowded of school classrooms may have space for a mini fish tank. The reason is obvious – the cost is low and the effect it produces on the ambiance is great. If you are new to fish keeping then you too may want to start with the small fish tanks.

Small Fish Tanks

Advantages of Small Fish Tanks:

• It doesn’t cost a fortune to own a mini aquarium. The price is low and thus anyone can afford one.
• The financial investment is small even in case of maintenance
• The space required to keep the small fish tanks is so less that virtually everyone can find a place for one.
• It provides an opportunity for children to care for a pet in circumstances where larger pets are not allowed.

Set Up For a Small Fish Tank requires:

• A small aquarium vacuum
• A small filter and a couple of replacement media cartridges
• Substrate (aquarium gravel)
• Fish Food or Goldfish food if you are keeping goldfish
• A small fish net
• An aquarium water test kit – You must get a test kit that tests the ammonia, ph, nitrite and nitrate levels
• A small aquarium air pump
• 5 gallon bucket

Things to Remember:

• Small fish tanks do require some amount of maintenance. They should not be purchased with the idea that they can be ignored for long periods of time.
• The water conditions must be monitored in regular intervals
• The water in the tank should be changed frequently

Suitable Fish for Small Fish Tanks:

The Fishes are cold-blooded and thus their body temperature will be whatever the water temperature is. The water temperature is therefore a critical factor to consider, the other being the size of the fish. The small fishes are the best option for small fish tanks.

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