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Wall Mounted Aquariums

In the article I share what I learned about Wall Mounted Aquariums. I asked a friend of mine if he could help me hang up a shelf because I wanted to install a wall mounted aquarium in my bedroom. As soon as he saw the big box in my living room he wondered how the heck I was going to place a fish tank if I bought a flat screen TV.

Wall Mounted Aquariums

He didn’t believe me at first until I said it’s a wall mounted fish tank that you can hang up anywhere you like to incorporate a little piece of the ocean where ever you live.

I had to go on and explain him how the system of wall mounted aquariums really works, how the fish are able to survive or how to get food inside the wall aquarium. So he started to get excited of this innovating idea of having a live work of art in his living room. After setting up the entire wall mounted aquarium with me, we took a break and had some drinks in the local pub. We talked about wall mounted aquariums and how fast we actually did the works. All we had to do now was going to the pet store and buy some new inhabitants for our little wall aquarium project.

On our way home he asked me how I got to finding wall mounted aquariums. Because he never saw them before in any of the stores and neither in the store we just bought my new pets. I usually can’t wait when setting up a new project I have to finish it the same day!

After buying the goldfish couples and a six-pack of Tetra Neon we added the fish to the wall mounted aquarium and fed them right away. Both species were settling well in their new habitat and started exploring the very wonder of wall mounted aquariums themselves. The information about wall mounted aquariums I gave my friend was the following

For the Aqua Vista I bought myself:


  •  Water tank capacity of 25 liters (6.6 gallons)
  •  Displaying over 2,580 sq. cm (400 sq. in.) of viewing area
  •  Made from clear shatterproof ABS plastic
  • with acrylic viewing area; Distortion-free view
  •  Room for up to 12 tropical freshwater fish
  •  Easy to setup and a breeze through maintenance

For the Aqua Bella 61″x18.9″x6″ Stainless Steel solid framed fish tank we installed in his living room a few weeks later:


    • No Water Changes for 1 year! Seriously Rare to Find!
    • Aqua Bella Organic Enzyme balances pH & keeps nitrate levels low.
    • Organic Enzyme eats nitrates & ammonia caused by waste, keeps water clear.
    • More fish per gallon than traditional wall mounted aquariums
    • Aqua Bella wall mounted aquariums are ready to use for Salt or Fresh Water.
    • New Technology – one plug, one outlet, remote control – Plug & Play!

It took us only half a day to set up this wall mounted aquarium, well less because we spent a couple of hours in the pub talking about these wonderful wall mounted aquariums. So much even he bought one through this website for his apartment in the city.

His parents asked me where they could buy one too so my friend gave them one for their anniversary. Actually 2, one of the wall mounted aquariums is hanging gracefully on their living room wall and the other wall aquarium was mounted in his dads work office.

His co-workers were curious to know where he got it from, and why he hardly had to take care of the fish in particular. His office had a live work of art, a moving painting; no wonder everyone came knocking his door asking silly questions just to get a glimpse of his eye-catching water feature!

It didn’t take long for the company to realize the benefits of giving their co-workers a stress free environment, and the stimulated effectiveness of visual relaxation. So they had some of the wall mounted aquariums installed in the restrooms and offices which gave their interior a much more work friendly place to be without taking up to much space.

A short way to put it is by saying these wall mounted aquariums can save you space, time and money. Maximize the use of available space by being mounted on the wall these aquariums require a minimum of maintenance and give you more time to enjoy and be productive!

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