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Hexagon Fish Tanks

Hexagon fish tanks are 6 sided acrylic aquariums that can be used in corners or featured against a wall. This is an ideal solution when choosing an aquarium for limited space situations. They are pretty impressive as they are tall and often placed on a wooden or metal pillar-like stand. Providing interesting angles to admire your aquarium life.

Hexagon Fish Tanks

Usually, 3 of the back side walls of the hexagon fish tanks are blue or black, the front panel has a bent, seamless panel for unobstructed frontal view. If all 6 sides are clear, hexagon fish tanks can be used similarly to the cylinder aquarium for all around viewing. The hexagon fish tanks can be purchased as a show (bare tank only) or marine ready filtration.

Hexagon fish tanks come in a variety of sizes, from 8 gallon to 95 gallon acrylic or glass aquarium, and most common sizes like 10, 20, 30, 40, 55 gallon can be ordered with additional maintenance kits. The bigger, the better, more water means more stable water conditions. Thus having more time to correct when something goes wrong and affects other parts or areas. The daily temperature will fluctuate more when using smaller versions, sometimes as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. All aquarium brands such as Tenecor, Clarity Plus and Truvu are available as hexagon fish tanks.

An aquarium typically weighs around 10 pounds per gallon. Thus a well sized 55-gallon aquarium could weigh 550 pounds! Placing glass or acrylic hexagon fish tanks depends on the strength of your base. Glass hexagon fish tanks are rather heavy and are best placed on their matching aquarium stands because they tend to break the furniture carrying them.

Acrylic hexagon fish tanks are usually lighter, stronger, more durable and could very well be placed on a solid piece of furniture. Acrylic models will scratch much more easily and can be very difficult to repair when scratched. Keep the capacity of your tank in mind, larger models will need better support because they hold more water than smaller versions. Either way, just make sure its more than strong enough to avoid any aquatic tragedies.

The price for hexagon fish tanks ranges between a $100 to $700 equal to their size, don’t be fooled by the price tag, you will get high quality acrylic or glass aquariums.

Finding hexagon fish tanks for less money will end up in regret and a lesser quality of life for your aquarium inhabitants. If your looking for cheap aquariums you might want to have look on our website for we provide the best solution according to your budget.

Case Study:

A study around the subject if hexagon fish tanks are good for the happiness of your pets, is claiming that the shape of your aquarium matters to the overall longevity of your aquarium. Considering you already use the best aquarium care kits, optimizing the quality of life in your aquarium, is the fact that they would be happier in their natural sea environment. A rule valid for any animal in captivity!

None the less they will be happy if you simulate their natural conditions the best way you can. Taking good care of your aquarium is essential and is variable for each creature present in your hexagon fish tanks.

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