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Installing a Wall Fish Tank

In the article I’ll tell you about Installing a Wall Fish Tank. Wall fish tanks can give a very elegant and dramatic look to your room. They can even be mounted on a wall so that they can be seen from two rooms.

Installing a Wall Fish Tank

They do tend to be more expensive than other types of fish tanks and you may also need them installed for you unless you are very good at DIY. They do have a disadvantages in that they may be slightly harder to maintain as they are in a smaller space. However, the good looks of wall fish tanks are worth the extra money & disadvantages to many people.

Before you can mount a wall fish tank you will need to find out if there are any pipes or wiring in the wall. You would also need to find a load bearing wall and locate any studs. If you are intending to mount a large wall fish tank you made prefer to have it professionally installed. Wall fish tanks can either be built into the wall or hung and you will need to decide the best method for your situation.

Next you need to measure the area and allow space for aquarium accessories such as lights, filters and pumps. Some people place the pump at a  location some way away from the fish tank. This has some advantages in that it is not taking up room around the aquarium and the noise of the pump cannot be heard in the room. Of course this would take more work on installation and will cost more. With this method you can also pump a larger volume of water which can allow you to have more fish in your fish tank.

Once you have ordered your wall fish tank talk to a professional builder or carpenter who can install it for you and make sure that they are available when needed. If at all possible it is best to employ someone who understands, and probably is himself a tropical fish keeper as they will then know exactly what you will need to put into place.

Once your wall mounted aquarium is installed then you can set about stocking it with your fish. Don’t forget that you need to cycle the tank just like any other fish tank and we recommend that you use fishless cycling to do this. If you wish to make a very dramatic fish tank you could make a saltwater fish tank stocked with colorful saltwater fish and corals although that this is not really for a beginner in this hobby.

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