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Salt Water Tank Is Cool For Your House

This article tells you why Salt Water Tank Is Cool For Your House. Having salt water tank in the house is quite hard to do. However, for you who really love fish it would be so much fun. You will get a sea environment in your house.

Salt Water Tank Is Cool For Your House

They would entertain you with much fun that they bring from the sea. However, there are some things that you need to notice before starting to have it.

Mind the Tank Size

First choose your tank size. The size of your salt water tank will affects how many creatures you can keep in it. Some fish sure need a little space but some others are more spacious.

Thus, you must bear in your mind that you cannot keep so many fish in a small tank. It would cause a death to any fish there.

There are also a little fish that needs more space, such as tang. It likes to swim fish in some distances. Thus, you may need a quite big tank for it and any other fish.

In other side, clown-fish only needs a little space to live for. Maybe 10 or 20 gallons of water is enough for it.

Look After the Water

Bearing in mind that having salt water tank is absolutely different from the fresh water one. You need to add a marine salt to your water to make it more or less the same with the water in the sea.

You can get it from the pet supplies which not hard to get. Make sure to mix the salt in the water before you put it down to the tank.

You also need to watch the water that you want to be added with the salt. Tap water may contain a lot of substances which not good for your fish, such as chlorine, fluoride, nitrate, and many more.

Try to get reverse osmosis water for your tank. This one is better to be mixed with the marine salt. Or, for the instant, you can get ocean water if you can.

Look also for the temperature in your tank. Keep it between 76 and 84 is ideal for your tank. So, you may need a heater for your tank and also some lighting.

Do some pH tests also in your tank to keep it around 8.0 to 8.3. Try to do the test weekly to keep your fish healthy.

Watch the Food Over Your Tank

The fish in your salt water tank is sure need to be fed. You must know what your fish needs. Keep in mind that some fish are herbivores. Therefore, you need to feed them with something special from the others.

If other fish could get nutrition from flake food, herbivores fish need something else. Dried seaweed or “nori” can be an alternative food for them.

Add also some snails, shrimps or hermit crabs to your tank. They would be scavenger in the environment. These creatures will help you to clean some foods remnants out of the water. Thus, your aquarium will stay clean.

Do also some filtration to keep your tank clean. Fish sure has some load after they eat their food. You need to use a filter in your tank to keep your tank clean.

However, some saltwater hobbyist do their own filtration by using “live rock” or “live sand” to make the tank stay clean.

Mind Those Before Doing

Try to keep those things before you start keeping salt water environment in your house. Having a salt water tank in the house is good. However, you need to pay more attention through it.

Therefore, learn about it first before you decided to have it.

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