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Coffee Table Fish Aquarium

The Coffee Table Fish Aquarium is a stunning object, that puts attention to the center of the room. A help-full centerpiece one might say, for it is a great conversation starter and does wonders breaking the ice in those awkward moments of silence!

Coffee Table Fish Aquarium
Stimulating the mind to relax as the motion of the water and the bubbles, generated by oxygen pumps, arise to the surface! You can’t help yourself feeling the attraction of the table fish tank, illuminated from below a bed of blue glass gravel! The one place people look at when they feel uncomfortable is to the floor, now why not try to put them at ease by placing a beautiful piece of aquarium furniture in front of them!

With this example I would like to emphasize the use of a coffee table fish aquarium in a dentist practice, or a doctor’s office because most people are waiting and building up unnecessary stress. Hotel lobbies and restaurants can add a fabulous touch to their public areas where people sit down to talk or wait, relax and enjoy their stay intrigued by the coffee table fish aquarium!

Aquarium Furniture

A new concept in home furnishing is the use of aquarium furniture, the combination of a pet related hobby and home decoration makes this coffee table fish aquarium so irresistible! As one of the most unique aquariums the world has seen, they are becoming much more difficult to buy because they have successfully combined two needs into one piece of furniture, causing suppliers to run out of stock!

Aquarium Coffee Tables are Bad For Fish

If you consider to buy a coffee table fish aquarium, I want you to know the importance of the size your fish tank table needs to be if you would like to keep livestock in them. As the smaller aquarium coffee tables are not very friendly to fish, the limitation of space does not allow to place the needed filtering to keep fish or cycling the water enough to create the right accommodation certain species need. I recommend you keep one or two fish, like the goldfish or betta fish, so it doesn’t be come a sardine nightmare!

Now the solution is to get a larger coffee table fish aquarium (about 40 gallon should do), or to keep just plants and use color full decoration and ornaments, or add custom aquarium lighting to define your aqua coffee table! The difficulty in maintenance and cleaning a coffee table fish aquarium are no different from any other, because you will need to perform the same tasks, like scrubbing off algae and replacing filter pads, feeding and changing water.

Coffee Table Fish Aquarium Tips

Having the right tools to make your cleaning duty an easy walk trough the park is really gonna save you time! Installing auto feeders or buying fish pellets that last a few days (even weeks) will reduce the number of times you need to lift the table top to access your aquarium coffee tables. You can hide away the extension cords by using a rug or carpet, and making a tiny hole or a slight cut in the carpet, pulling trough the cables. Make sure to place your coffee table fish aquarium on top of it, otherwise people will stare at the big hole in your expensive carpet!

The Shapes and Sizes of Coffee Table Aquariums

Assuming you want fish, I recommend you should opt for a large coffee table fish aquarium, to meet the needs of your pets! The rectangle or square models are perfect but I recommend the octagon shape as it gives you and your fish more angles to admire each other.

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