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Glass Fish Tanks

The article gives an analysis of Glass Fish Tanks. Bright and colorful fishes within a glass tank are a treat to weary eyes. Though the glass fish tanks of yesteryears have been replaced by the acrylic tanks yet the glass tanks have a magic of their own that doesn’t fail to catch attention. Many people still like keeping fishes in the glass fish tanks.

Glass Fish Tanks

The style of keeping fishes as pets actually developed in the mid 1700s. Robert Warrington developed the first glass aquarium in the year 1805. He built the glass fish tank by identifying the need to cycle the nutrients in the water for the fish.

Glass fish tanks are still popular today among the fish lovers even though acrylic is becoming the material of choice for many fish lovers. Here are some of the factors why glass is considered the best material for fish tanks:

• Cost – The glass fish tanks cost comparatively less than the acrylic tanks. Those who would love to put up fish tanks for show in their homes but are worried about the high price and maintenance cost can opt for the glass tanks.

• Scratch resistant – The glass fish tanks are scratch resistant unlike the acrylic ones which are more prone to scratches.

• No Yellow tint – The glass that the glass fish tanks are made up of, do not yellow with time like the acrylic does.

• Less support and maintenance – The glass fish tanks require less brace support and maintenance

• Color ree – The acrylic fish tanks tend to acquire a bluish tint with time which is not the case with glass tanks. You can also opt to buy the color-free glass fish tanks.

Glass Fish Tank Sizes

The glass tanks come in different sizes. You can choose the one that suits your home. The small tanks usually start at 10 gallon. The fish tanks experts recommend that it is better you go no smaller than 30-40 gallons for a marine tank and 20 gallons for a freshwater tank.

The glass fish tanks most commonly come in the following sizes: 10, 20, 25, 29, 55, 75, and 90 gallons. You can consider buying the wider and longer tanks as they are usually better than the taller ones, given the same volume. This is so because a tank that is wider and longer will provide a larger water surface area.

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