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How to Fix Cloudy Water In A New Fish Tank

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on How to Fix Cloudy Water In A New Fish Tank. During the roman empire, fish were being brought indoors and placed under guest rooms in marble casing. Soon after the invention of glass, people started using glass panes in order to see the fish inside. Since then, fish tanks have become one of the most popular home decorations all over the world. Fish tanks are great.

How to Fix Cloudy Water In A New Fish Tank

They allow us to see fish behavior in the comforts of our own homes. Some people would even consider staring at fish tanks to be very relaxing after a hard and stressful day. But what good would fishtanks be if they were not as as clear as you would want it to be? Yes, fishtanks are great but they do not maintain clear all by themselves. If ever you are caught at home staring at a fuzzy tank, there are several ways for you to fix it. First and foremost, you must know the main reasons why water gets cloudy in fish tanks.

The main cause of cloudy water is the chemical imbalance inside the tank. Such chemical imbalance would include the imbalance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the water. Since water is a perfect medium for bacterial colonization, bacterial blossom usually occurs. The bad bacteria over powers the good leaving less bacteria to neutralize the waste. Another obvious reason for cloudy water is the over feeding of fish.

When feeding the fish, it is very important to give them just the right amount of food. Too much food will overwhelm the whole balance of the fish tank system leaving you with a cloudy water despite the presence of a water filter. One last cause of cloudy water is when a fish tank has way too much light. Light in the fish tank is important but when you have too much, it causes too much photosynthesis which causes algae to bloom.

Now that the reasons for cloudy water are known, it is fairly obvious what the solutions are. Based on the reasons above, it is very important that the fish tank be cleaned once daily or whenever necessary. Lights in the fish tank are good but too much light might be overdoing the whole thing. Feed your fish regularly with the right amount of food.

When you sense that your water has too much bad bacteria, it is never wise to put good bacteria as it only worsens the whole situation. To check this, the water must be tested for ammonium levels with an ammonium level test kit. If the ammonia and nitrites are anything but zero then the water is full of wastes.

Finally when all else fails, it is better to resort to more drastic measures such as chemical treatments. Several chemical treatments are available in the market such as Acurel and others. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given on the bottle. Just make sure that the chemicals you buy are non toxic to the fish. Although there are some debates about the effectivity of chemical treatments, it is better to be patient and let the water clear up by itself or at least use the chemicals to a minimum.

Having a fish tank at home is both fun and decorative. Certain responsibilities are placed on maintaining the water as well as the life of the fish. Whatever your ways of fixing cloudy water may be, the benefits will truly outweigh the risks, which is truly rewarding.

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