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Why Fish Tank Filters?

Why should you use fish tank filters? Think about having a swimming pool and you never cleaned or filtered it! Fortunately you do not have to live in water to survive but you would soon stop swimming in your pool because of the possibility of catching a disease.Think of your poor fish if you did not continuously clean the water, using fish tank filters, that they need to survive.

Why Fish Tank Filters

In a fishes natural environment nature is continuously cleaning the waterways, getting rid of debris such as rotting plant waste and fish waste.

All this waste generates nitrogen and in nature a natural nitrogen cycle occurs. In a aquarium this does not occur naturals so we have to create it by using pumps and fish tank filters.

Fish produce waste throughout the day and as they consume food, some of the leftover food also becomes part of the build-up of organic rubbish inside the aquarium.

Fish produce ammonia as a natural byproduct of their existence. They do this every day, and if you continue to allow your fish to swim in water with increasing waste levels they are going to get sick.

Nitrogen is a natural component of animal waste. Even humans (after all we are animals) produce this type of waste in the form of urea, If there is too much nitrogen waste in the water, the water becomes toxic to the fish. In a fish’s natural environment, nitrogen waste is taken care of by nitrifying bacteria. Simply put, this converts the waste into nitrate which is a natural compound.

We cannot emulate this in a aquarium so the best we can do is treat the water and more importantly get rid of this waste from the aquarium water. This is used with the use of a pump and fish tank filters. Used continuously they remove waste from the water and ensure that the water is kept clean and clear. We should also be aware that this does not completely do the job. You should use best aquarium filter you can find. Over time there will still be an accumulation.

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