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Canister Filters

Canister filters are recommended for tanks that use freshwater or saltwater and are used for larger aquariums ranging between 30 to 50 gallons. These filters are much more durable and powerful than power filters. These canisters provide a variety of filtration systems, which include mechanical, chemical, and biological components.

These filters are more of a demand because of its features and are also the most expensive out of all the filters. Even though these filters can be pricier, there are different styles and brands that have different customization features (which provides from the amateur to the more advanced); and because of this, prices can vary greatly.

Canister Filters

Special Features & Benefits of Canister Filters

* Specially designed for larger tanks giving the fish owner a way to conceal the tank in order to give it a more elegant look.
* Because of its power in design, water can be forced through the different filter medias removing any excess of debris.
* Many canister designs provide for diatomic sleeves, which allow you to customize your filtering needs.
* Produces more gallons per hour than the normal filter
* Even though these filters average about $80, you will end up saving your time in the long run.

Types of Canister Filters

Eheim Canister Filter

Do you want the most silent and durable canister out there? You will get this with the Eheim. The Eheim has four different models to choose from that provide chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. There have been some complaints concerning the difficulties with the priming tool in the older models; however, Eheim has now made a primer tool that is able to assist with all models. Each model is versatile in its own way. You do get what you pay for with this product as it is made very durable and high quality.

Magnum Canister Filter

Some of the best-featured canisters have come with the Magnum. It does have a functioning self-priming system, it is silent, and it allows you several options to choose from, including the option of adding a Biowheel system or adding a gravel cleaner. Because of how it is made, it is quite simple to always see the condition of the filter.

ViaAqua Canister Filter

This popular pump and powerhead brand is now offering canister filters. Its low price along with its functionality allows this system to be very competitive with the others. It offers shut-off valves, a large media basket, and recessed handles.

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