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Establish and Improve the Fish Tank Filter Systems

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Establish and Improve the Fish Tank Filter Systems. All fish tank filters need to do first is waste collection. This requires the design of the overflow area is reasonable, and the size of the inlet and outlet pipes need to match well. As long as the water level drop can reach 1-1.5 cm, pumping fish feces is absolutely no problem.

Establish and Improve the Fish Tank Filter Systems

Only rational design flow can brought fish feces to the overflow area. But the strength of the water flow needs appropriately. That is the strength of the water flow can not be too big or too small, when the fish feces was brought to overflow area, the intensity of the water flow is reduced to the minimum. If the flow intensity is relatively large, fish feces and other garbage will float in the water, if the flow intensity is too small, it can not achieve the desired effect. The solution is to choose the right fish tank filter pump and ball valves to control the flow.

Aquarium as home decoration, if the pipeline messy, there is no beauty at all.

  • Strengthen the ability of physical entrapment is a prerequisite for water quality treatment.

When the fish tank has the ability to collect manure and residual waste, the need to strengthen the physical entrapment to perfect physical filtration capacity. Physical filtration is very important, is the material basis for all other forms of filtration. Energy source of all saprophytic bacteria and nitrifying bacteria were collected by physical filtration.

Rational design of physical filtration systems and match reasonable physical filter media. Practice has proved that white cotton needs to meet certain conditions in order to improve the physical entrapment, if the thickness of the white cotton does not meet the requirements, or the water flow is too strong, the fish droppings might directly through physical filtration area, resulting in physical entrapment failure.

Since the emergence of trickle filtration, more and more aquarium fans fell in love with this powerful water treatment methods. Trickle filtration has the following advantages: full aeration and increase dissolved oxygen, helps improve the fish tank filter systems, and carbon dioxide would be easier to escape, which is more suitable for large-scale fish farming. But the disadvantages are also obvious, trickle filters need to set up high in the rear of fish tank, making the lack of aesthetics, and if there is not enough height, it would be difficult to fully play its advantages.

Fish tank filters are designed to create excellent water quality, and reduce the pressure of feeding and management, so the aquarium filter design requires comprehensive consideration.

  • Biological filtration need to design reasonable.

Under normal circumstances, after using fish tank filter a few months, you need to wash or replace biological filter media, if you do not set up a separate sewage pipe, management will be very troublesome. But the problem is sewage pipe need to occupy space inside the filter tank, which requires the designer to make reasonable arrangements for the pipeline, saving every available space.

Various biological filter chamber need to set the precipitation zone, after a period of use, the product of nitrification and biological filter residue will fill the filter tank, set the precipitation zone is conducive to clean and daily management.

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