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Turtle Food Facts

The aim of the article is to provide you with some material on Turtle Food Facts.

Turtle Food Facts

A Guide to Your Turtle Eating Habits

The food that you will give to your pet turtle will determine if your pet would survive with you. That is why knowing the type of your pet turtle is very important so that you could properly give a healthy and balanced diet to it. Also, knowing when and what to give them is really necessary in order to have a healthy turtle pet .

Is there really such a guide on feeding your pet turtle? This does not entail a long and arduous task of feeding your pet; this is actually simple and just reminds every pet owner to observe their pet’s eating habit. It would help them a lot in taking good care of their turtle less the hassle on every pet owner.

  • Right food is the key. Most of the turtles eat both meat and vegetables (omnivorous). So a balanced diet will include a healthy combination of both. However, some species like the tortoise are actually vegetable loving and feed only on plants and grasses. Some are scavengers feeding on insects and even other sea creatures. Know which food group your pet belongs. You don’t actually need to buy commercialized foods. Your common food such as meat and vegetables can be eaten by them if properly apportioned and chopped.
  • Timing is everything. Some turtles have a time when they take their food. You could observe these on their first few days of stay with you. The reason why you should know this is of course to avoid supplying food which they will not eat. Foods that they do not eat actually cause contamination of their tanks. It makes their environment dirty. Hence, knowing when to feed them will actually lessen this contamination. Further, it is necessary that they have a clean drinking water by providing a separate container for their drinking water.
  • Turtle food facts are helpful but variations are welcomed. Yes, you know your pet’s eating habits. They eat vegetables and they seem contented with it. However, researchers have shown that exposing your pet turtle to small fish which they could catch is actually an exercise and a new avenue to discover what they want. The point here is an omnivorous turtle may want more vegetables when they grow older or vice versa. You will really never know unless you try to expose them to other food varieties. But of course, this must be taken with precaution.

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