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How To Buy a Pet Turtle

The aim of the article is to provide you with some material on How To Buy a Pet Turtle. When finding turtles for sale, you need to know where to go as well as be familiar with the type of turtle you want. The common turtle comes in different colors and sizes. It may also be aquatic, land based or both. It may eat only vegetables, are carnivorous or are omnivorous. Having that said, the common turtle requires proper and very specific turtle care and cannot be just left in a container or fed any kind of food. Turtle health is just as fragile as human health, so make sure you are committed if you’re planning on buying turtles.

How To Buy a Pet Turtle

Most pet turtles are obtain through the pet trade. If you purchase a turtle from a pet store, investigate well. There is a probability that it may be stressed and exhausted after being transported to and living in the pet store. Good pet stores are now implementing proper turtle care where the environment is much more appropriate for their animals. In some states it is not legal to obtain a turtle from the wild and have it as a pet. However, it is legal in other sites. Despite this fact it is still discouraged to pick up a turtle from the wild because some species are already being depleted and many animals in the wild carry diseases and parasites.

Aside from pet stores, there are usually good turtles for sale in animal shelters. Some people find that they are no longer able to care for their turtles and therefore send them to the animal shelter. Some animal shelters ask for a small fee if you want to pick up an animal from them so they can run their organization. When choosing a turtle from a shelter, you still have to make sure it is in top condition.

Another source when finding turtles for sale is the oriental food market. However, it’s not the best source if you want to discourage the killing of turtles for food. Realize that most turtles found in oriental food markets are shipped under horrible conditions. Street vendors or flea markets are also not a good source for buying turtles.

Probably one of the best sources for buying turtles is a person who breeds turtles. There are a few breeders and you can find them by joining a turtle club. You can ask members if they are breeding and selling any turtles.

Once you’ve found a good place for buying turtles, you may now choose your turtle. Know which common turtle is best for you. Ask yourself, do you want a pet that doesn’t require too much space? Do you have adequate space to build an outdoor home for a larger turtle? What are foods you can easily give to your new pet turtle? These questions can help you find the most suitable type of turtle for you. You can always ask the pet shop clerk or a reptile veterinarian to help you decide.

When you already have a pet turtle, you can now focus on turtle health and general turtle care. Make sure the tank is kept clean and your turtle is fed the appropriate types and amount of food each day.

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