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The Pirate Aquarium Theme

The Pirate Aquarium Theme is a really fun theme with some of the most fascinating fish tank decorations. Every little boy dreams of being a pirate when they grow up, and though we are all grown up now, that dream almost never dies. With characters like Captain Jack Sparrow filling up the big screen with his exciting endeavours, that dream keeps emerging over and over again.

The Pirate Aquarium Theme

Now, you get to relive that dream with swash buckling pirates, skeletons guarding treasure chests and sunken pirate ships in your fish tank.

Pirate Aquarium Theme

Like any aquarium theme that you want to incorporate in your fish tank, there is one very important item that you will have to consider first, the cave. In the Pirate Theme, the cave mainly comes in three shapes.

The first is an actual cave. The ones from this theme are very ornate and interesting, depicting skull shaped caves like the ones you see above.

The second kind are skulls. You could get simple human skulls or pirate skulls wearing a bandana. I would go for the pirate skulls. A plain skull might not fully complement the Pirate Aquarium Theme.

The third type consists of sunken pirate ships. These ships need to look like old Spanish galleons to be authentic. You can either get the complete smaller version for small aquariums or the larger ones that come in two or three pieces for larger tanks. Or if you wish, you could just get one half of ship, which would look really cool.

Other Pirate Aquarium Theme Decor

With the caves chosen, it’s time to start selecting other fish tank décor to go along with it. But that is only if you have space. Do not put too much fish tank accessories into your aquarium to a point where it takes up swim space.

There are tons of really cool Pirate ornaments being sold today. If you like something traditional, you could get ones of Pirate captains in various poses like the ones you see above.

If you’d rather have something spooky, there are also some really great ones with the skeletal remains of pirates rather than a live pirate. A number of these also double as aeration device and when the bubbles brush past them, they would move in a certain way.

Finally there are ornaments that depict treasure chests and pirate loot. These are really excellent especially when you have a lot of space in your tank.

Putting The Aquarium Theme Together

What you want to do is design your aquarium theme to look like a scene from a pirate movie. The first step is to decide on your cave. After that you would select the right adornments for it. Here are some suggestions.

If you chose a pirate cave to start off, the best décor to add on would be a treasure chest. You would place this close to the cave. If your cave is large, you could also place a small pirate ship, seeming as if it is moving towards the cave.

If you chose a pirate ship as your cave, you would place a figurine of a pirate either a live one or a skeletal one. Skeletal pirates are ideal if the pirate ship looks rotten and old.

If your fish tank cave is a skull, it would be best to use a pirate sword as accompanying decoration or you could also use a large pirate chest. There are some awesome ones that provide aeration. When the chest fills up with bubbles, the lid lifts up and the bubbles escape.

The Pirate Aquarium Theme is a perfect theme for young boys or men that refuse to grow up with fish tank decorations that are very fascinating and easy to find online and even in pet shops.

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