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Air Pumps

In the article I’m going to tell you about Air Pumps. Quite realistically, fish tank air pumps are the life blood of aquariums. They help increase the water circulation and surface area in the tanks for proper gas exchange. Supplying oxygen to the fish, and constant flowing water are the two most important things in recreating the ecosystem. When the water gets aerated, it moves and so does the toxins, hence enabling them to be filtered. Without fish tank air pumps, the fish wastes would settle everywhere in the tank hampering the health of the plants and fish.

Air Pumps

Air pumps are used to power aquarium equipment, like undergravel filters, corner filters, sponge filters and protein skimmers. They also lend a dynamic look when used with bubbling air stones and action ornaments.

Fish tank air pumps are either internal or external. Internal or submersible pumps are mounted inside the tank and encased with water-resistant materials. Placed close to the ceiling, they can also be integrated with filters. External pumps are placed outside the tank and connect to the aquarium with a small hose, delivering pressure to the water. They are generally used for small tanks that have limited space inside the aquarium. Small air pumps are used in aquariums to pump air through a thin tube to a filter, to an aerating device, or to an air powered ornament.

There are a large variety of air pumps available in the market. Vibrator air pumps, Piston pumps, Battery-operated air pumps are among the most popular ones.

Generally, fish tank air pumps are very nice decoration and useful equipment in a fish tank. It creates different types of bubbles, which can look very nice in an aquarium. They don’t cost much and are not heavy on energy usage either. A 5 or 10 watt energy source is generally sufficient for fish tank air pumps.

However, it is extremely important to keep the tank size in mind while purchasing fish tank air pumps. If the fish tank is small, then it would be a bad idea to purchase a heavy-duty air pump. This would not only use more energy, but also create a lot of heat and disturbance inside the aquarium. This in turn would greatly hazard the health of the fishes and the plants in the water.

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