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The Best Fish Tank Filter

People often ask what is the best fish tank filter? Based on my years of experience, my answer is as follows: according to the aquarium size, appearance, convenient and fish species, density and other factors, maximum play the physical, biological and chemical actions, and can produce high-quality water, which is the best fish tank filter.

The Best Fish Tank Filter

There are many types of fish tank filters, including upper filter, internal filter and external fish tank filter and so on. Here, I will be based on my experience, simply talk about their strengths and weaknesses.

Upper filter, refers to the filter device mounted on top of the fish tank. For this type of filter, usually need to match the appropriate fish tank filter pump. Benefits include easy to clean, able to completely isolated harmful substances and reduce the harm to the fish. Disadvantages are as follows: because the filter is at the top of the fish tank, so the filter can not be too large, otherwise affect the appearance; filter tank is relatively small, and therefore can not be placed too many filtering medium, leading to filtering effect is not comprehensive enough; strong physical filtration, biological and chemical filtration effect is not ideal.

Internal filter, refers to the filter device mounted inside the fish tank. Pros: very little noise, quiet, energy-saving and easy to clean. Disadvantages: occupy internal space, does not look good, small power, size can not be too large and can only be used for small fish tank.

External fish tank filter, refers to the filter device installed outside the fish tank. Pros: do not take up interior space, beautiful, almost no noise, large volume filter tank, and cleaning cycle is relatively long (generally once a month, more suitable for lazy people). Disadvantages: cleaning trouble, often need to check whether there is water leakage, powerful physics and chemical filtration, but biological filtration is not ideal.

Bottom filter, refers to the filter device installed in the bottom of the aquarium, put about 4 cm thick sand (about 4 mm in diameter) in the aquarium, and set the water pipes at the bottom of the sand. Advantages: natural, beautiful, large filtration area. Disadvantages: cleaning trouble, dirt may accumulate at the bottom, this will easily affect water quality; powerful biological filtration, but the physical, chemical filtration effect is almost zero.

In addition to the types described above, there are some common filters, such as back filter and plug-in filter. In fact, they are similar to the upper filter and external fish tank filter. Advantages: energy saving and easy to clean. Disadvantages: aesthetic impact, low-power, the role is not comprehensive, so can not be used for large fish tank.

The following brief introduction to the physical, biological and chemical effects.

Physical effects: isolated fish feces, food residue and garbage, etc., to achieve the purpose of water purification.

Biological effects: cultivate beneficial bacteria, also called nitrifying bacteria. By nitrifying bacteria to decompose harmful substances.

Chemistry effects: by chemical characteristics of the filtering medium, to change the properties of water, thus to optimize the water quality.

I hope the above information can help you find the right best fish tank filter, thank you for reading.

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