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Read This Prior to Buying a Stingray

I advise you to Read This Prior to Buying a Stingray. A great number of aquarium enthusiast enjoy both the freshwater tropical fish as much because the saltwater stingray, still some die-hard fans will tell you there is nothing far better than acquiring a saltwater tank, or reef tank. Just before seeking out stingray it is actually vital to buy the appropriate tank.

Read This Prior to Buying a Stingray

Whenever you start to shop for stingray preserve in thoughts that the equipment inside a saltwater tank could possibly be a little a whole lot more expensive. Whereas freshwater tanks almost always have gravel on the bottom, marine fish thrive greater with live coral, reefs, and real rock.

Acquiring the right tank to purchase is as quick as getting your stingray. The most beneficial technique to unearth the best tank, stingray, and all the gear you’ll need is always to shop using the web. Every thing you need is ideal in front of you and also you can comfortably shop with just a handful of clicks of the home pc mouse.

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On the commercial market you’ll locate about 40 species of stingray, all the same you will discover lots a great deal more that don’t identify their way into your aquarium. After you buy your marine fish , make certain and verify the fish compatibility chart to start with.

It is easy to uncover those on the net rather conveniently. You do not wish to spend a lot of dollars buying stingray only to have them not be compatible. stingray will be positioned and bought internet with ease. If you happen to like looking at all of the photographs, seeing dimensions, and critiques all in 1 place, then shopping for stingray on-line is going to be the perfect selection for you personally.Buying stingray on-line is just as straightforward as buying tanks and supplies.

It does not matter exactly where you reside as a result of the fish are guaranteed to arrive to you alive and nicely. Shipping live fish just isn’t as really hard as you would assume. For many tropical fish as long as they are in containers, or bags which have water and oxygen, they will reside commonly for over per week. You could possibly not realize it, but fish you have got bought at a pet shop in all probability flew there inside a jet plane.

How do I replace a filter with a bigger one, without disrupting any bacteria and water quality?

I have currently moved my fish from a 25Litre aquarium to an average 70Litre aquarium but the existing filter can only filter up to 25Litre.

I have added this filter into the new tank and I have ordered a bigger filter to cope with the volume of water.

How should I go about changing the smaller filter to the bigger filter without removing any essential bacteria and disturb the water quality etc?

Basically, the new filter will not have any bacteria in it but the old one does. Should I leave the old filter in WITH the new one for about a week, then remove the old filter so the new filter has got some of the bacteria – or will this not matter?


additional info: Elite Stingray 15 Filter, 2 Baby fish, Water Quality is Great.

Just leave both filters running in the tank, the little one is a good backup, and extra filtering is a good thing.

But if you want the old filter to put back in the 25l tank it should be safe to remove it after 2 or 3 weeks.


The great items about acquiring stingray on the internet will be the range you can easily locate. You’ll find thousands of species of marine fish, even so only restricted species of stingray ever make it into saltwater tanks.The moment you could have observed the proper aquarium via the internet, try to find a range of stingray, and also you could be on your method to setting up a beautiful addition to your home. After you come across stingray online, you can save funds and possess a much bigger selections of fish to choose from.

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