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The Safest Way To Kill Algae

The article gives you some information on The Safest Way To Kill Algae. Ultraviolet or UV Aquarium Sterilizer is the safest and simplest way to kill algae and other water borne pathogens in your fish tank. The chemical treatment that was traditional used to kill algae is also somewhat harmful to the fish, plant life and even the beneficial bacteria that is so hard to seed in the first place.

The Safest Way To Kill Algae

Safely Kill Algae

The Ultraviolet light is a spectrum of light that is below the visibility range of the human eye and cannot be seen. But its effects are felt by all organisms and kill algae, causing a disruption between the bonds of the atoms of organic molecules. Different wave lengths of UV light affect different organisms and a range of between 200 to 280 nanometers is very lethal to microrganisms. This spectrum also known as the UV-C Spectrum is what we need to use in a fish tank to kill algae.

UV Aquarium Sterilizer performs just like natural sunlight, working together with conventional fish tank filters to reduce the effect of green water commonly caused by algae, that if left untreated will present a health problem to your aquatic life as well as eventually reduce the efficiency of your fish tank filters.

Kill Algae With A UV Aquarium Sterilizer

When setting up a UV Aquarium Sterilizer, you will need to take a number of factors into considering as follows:

A) The Type Of Lamp

There are two basic types of UV lamp, namely low pressure and high pressure. Low pressure lamps are more target in terms of the wavelength of light that they produce, making them more effective when it comes to kill algae and pathogens. High pressure lamps produce a wider range of wavelengths thus produce more light and heat than sterilization, thus are generally not that effective.

B) The Length Of The Lamp

The longer the lamp, the greater the region that is exposed to UV light. Usually, most fish tank owners will decide on a lamp based on how large their tank is.

C) The Design Of The UV Aquarium Sterilizer

There are a number of designs in the market right now, which basically determine the distance the water has to travel between the surface of the lamp right up to the water containment chamber.

D) The Quality Of The Water

There is a term used for this; Percent Transmittance. This value is a percentage that is used to indicate the quality of the water that needs to be treated. In a nutshell, the UV Aquarium Sterilizer would be more effective for water with a higher Percentage Transmittance.

E) The Water Flow Rate

That is the amount of water that passes through the UV Aquarium Sterilizer at a given duration.

F) Other Minor Considerations To Kill Algae

These include the positioning of the lamp and multiple UV lamp systems.

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