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Fluval Filters

Fluval filters offer a state of the art pumping system. It combines mechanical, chemical and biological technology. Because of this filters functionality, you are able to become very versatile when providing for your aquarium’s various needs.

Fluval Filters

You are also able to select different types of media and media configurations for your tank. The flexibility of this system will literally allow you to control every aspect of your water’s characteristics with much more accuracy than your traditional filter. If you have an aquarium with large amounts of waste, the biological media capabilities will allow you to filter out the harmful chemicals in your tank so your tank environment can remain healthy at all times.

Mechanical component – Includes two foam blocks and a clog-strainer to help remove debris and large dirt particles. This part works hand-in-hand with its counterparts as it prevents clogging for both the biological and the chemical media components; these medias are most effective when they are not obstructed.

Chemical component – Fluval filters contain a carbon system (may be substituted for another chemical). These media types help to remove any wastes, dyes, or medications that happened to get by the mechanical process of filtration.

Biological component – This media supports the growth of the beneficial bacteria in your aquarium. This bacterium reduces and eliminates toxic chemicals such as, ammonia and nitrite. Both of these substances are actually changed in composition with the biological media and removed either through water changes or by dissolving through plant and animal activity.

Types of Fluval Filters

The Fluval 405 was designed for aquariums that range up to 400 liters. This product provides for easy maintenance with an Aqua-Stop feature that is made to stop the water from flowing when you need to disconnect the hoses. It also includes a 3-year guarantee. This filter comes in either black or silver, UL approved, and it is 110 V, 60 Hz.

The Hagen Fluval 05 also provides easy maintenance and allows for increased versatility when configuring medias. Features include, lift lock clamps, the Aqua-stop feature, and a ribbed hose to prevent kinking in the filtration system.

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