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Detailed Description of the Fish Tank Filter

The aim of the article is to provide you with material on Detailed Description of the Fish Tank Filter. Many novice fish culture lovers often worry for the fish tank filter, the filter is good or bad for the fish culture is very important, water quality is good or bad not only depends on the nature of water, and need a good fish tank filter systems, you can also say that it determines the success or failure of fish breeding. Many seniors have written a lot of articles talking about their ideas and experiences, after a period of research and study, I wrote this article, I hope you like it.

Detailed Description of the Fish Tank Filter

Tropical fish and aquatic plants must be grown in a suitable living environment, so as to grow rapidly. In the process of keeping tropical fish, aquarium water quality is an uncertain and dynamic environment, reared in the aquarium are living organisms, they secrete and excrete dirt in every moment, harmful substances in the water will continue to increase, which requires the fish tank filter to maintain stability water quality.

Fish tank filter is an important part of the aquarium, aquarium filter through the filter material to filter out impurities in the water, fish waste, secretions, bait and organic matter in water, in order to adjust various indicators of water and maintain water quality stability, keep the water inside the aquarium permanently fresh, making the tropical fish and aquatic plants like living in the wild environment.

Aquarium filter consists of filter tank, water pumps and filtration materials. Fish tank filter working principle is pumping water through the water pump to the filter tank, filter tank containing filter material, filter material will filter water and put harmful substances or impurities in the water to stay in the filter tank, filtered water back to the fish tank.

In the aquarium market, we can see many different shapes aquarium filters, including the upper portion filter, built-in filter, bottom filters, external fish tank filter and biochemical cotton filter. Although they have the function of filtering, but for different purposes and different aquariums have different choices.

For example, compact aquarium space are relatively small, if matched with a built-in filter, available space inside the fish tank will become even smaller; if you’re rearing very small fish, high power filters may suck fish into the filter, so you can use bio-cotton filters; if there are aquatic plants in the fish tank, water flow can not be too fast, so you can use the built-in filter or bottom filter.

Aquarium filters work required by the fish tank filter pump, both sides of the fish tank filter pump, inlet and outlet pipe are respectively connected. Fish tank filter pump can be divided into submersible pump and off-water pump.

The biggest advantage of submersible pumps are sound light, and in the work itself will generate heat that can raise the water temperature 1 ~ 2 ℃, but in the summer the water temperature will be too high, then you should use an external pump. When buying fish tank filter pump, pay attention to the tightness of the pump, and the sound should be relatively small. Fish tank filter pump power and capacity of the aquarium is directly proportional, the larger the aquarium, the greater pump power is required.

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