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When it comes to Corals there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account. There are a few sights in the world that can match up to the beauty and appeal of the combination of random colors that corals and the fish living together in a fish tank possess. Most of the beginners while starting to keep the saltwater fishes often initially find themselves attracted to the beauty and variety of the well stocked fish tank corals.


Earlier it was considered to be a very difficult task to maintain the fish tank corals. However, with time and the spread of knowledge, products and available information people more openly started keeping fish tank corals in home.

For the beginners, there are a number of soft corals, which require less light. The water quality standards are also flexible for these types of corals. These soft corals are the most suitable ones to be used in the fish tanks.

Here are some of the important factors that you must consider while opting for the fish tank corals:

• While purchasing fish tank corals, take note of the condition of the tanks. They should be clean with clear water and the fishes should be in a healthy condition.

• Decide upon which type of fish tank corals you would like to have. The conditions of your tank will determine your choice. Keep in min that the corals require different amounts of light and water flow. They also have different feeding requirements.

• You must inspect the fish tanks corals properly for any damaged spots on the coral. These spots can of course heal but will require additional care on your part. You must also check that the tissue of the coral is whole and not flaked off.

• While purchasing fish tank corals, always look for the corals that are open and fully extended. A closed coral may just be stressed. It may also be a sign that it isn’t healthy or the condition of the tank needs to be improved upon.

• The fish tank corals need careful handling. The corals look best when they are mounted on something. It can be put on a small piece of live rock too. If it is not mounted, you can mount it yourself to make your tank look more picturesque.

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