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Corner Fish Tank

A corner fish tank is perfect when you have an open space in the corner of your home and want to make it the centerpiece.  It can be in a large bedroom but usually these aquariums best in a living room.  The aquarium can be nicely accented with the correct filtering and lighting solutions which will make the appearance look terrific.

Corner Fish Tank

Beyond home use for a corner fish tank, many offices and restaurants use them.  It provides a very peaceful atmosphere and much prettier to look at than an empty corner of the wall.  Beyond being space filler, it is also incredibly decorative and serene.  It is the perfect accent piece in any doctor’s office to calm the nerves of a nervous patient.

Usually people who get a corner fish tank both love fish and short on space.  This is certainly the case if you live in the city where living conditions are often very tight.  Another advantage of the corner tank is that you can have a pet, and much easier than taking care of a cat or dog.  Beyond the cost of the tank itself there is just minimal cost after that.

With a traditional aquarium it is a rectangular shape but it takes up a lot of space.  But if you are short of space because of a small living room or office fortunately you are not out of luck.  There are many types of corner fish tanks that fit just about anyone’s style and living conditions.  Some tanks have straight frontage and others have bowed frontage.  The frontage tanks have short pieces of glass on two ends which makes a pentagon type of shape.  These tanks can also be custom built to get into any space you can imagine.  These tanks make a drab, unused corner into a functional space that is literally alive.

The size of a corner fish tank is the most important factor in purchasing.  So in order to make sure it will fit you must measure the open space you have to not run into problems in the future.  The bigger corner tank you can get of course the more fish you can get inside.  But scalability is an issue, so if you have a small room with not that much furniture getting a huge tank will overwhelm your space.  One tip you can do before getting the tank is knowing the measurements, taping pieces of paper together and then putting it in the corner to see how much floor space it will take up.

A corner fish tank can also be twined and placed in adjacent corners for a room.  If the fish owner has the space to do this they can keep two totally different types of fish in both aquariums.  So in one tank you can keep fresh water fish and in the other you can keep salt water fish.

There are also many corner fish tank accessories to consider.  A cabinet and matching hood can make the tank look exquisite.  Many times this is done in an office environment.

Whatever type of corner fish tank you choose and for what purpose, it is much more than an object to take up space.  These aquariums are also quite beautiful and with soothe your mood and can be much more happy and productive throughout the day.

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