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Betta Fish Tank Information

In the article I will give you some Betta Fish Tank Information. Betta fish are kept usually as decorations to compliment an office or a home. They were first originally discovered in Asia in drainage ditches and in rice paddies but there’s a lot of interesting beta fish facts that you may or may not know.

Betta Fish Tank Information

Beta fish will try to establish dominance and territory with each other by flaring out their gills. This method is used to intimidate any rival fish in the vicinity and to scare them off.

What looks like a battle to the death is actually the courting ritual of the betta fish. Before the female lays any eggs, the male and female will actually try to fight each other for the territory.

On average, you can only expect betta fish to live up to 3 years. However, under optimal conditions and with an experienced handler, a beta fish can live up to 9 years. Other fish don’t last nearly as long.

Betta fish are so territorial that if they encounter another male, they will often fight with that male until one of them is dead. This is because they value their territory highly and the opposing rival fish will try to take their territory.

Betta fish’s mouths are actually upturned which helps them feed on the water’s surface. This is because they primarily like to feed on small insects and larvae that form near the surface of the water.

If you’re looking to quickly diagnose how a betta fish is doing, you can quickly examine the fin of the fish and look at the colors. A healthy betta fish will have bright and colorful fins.

Betta fish will actually try to fight their own reflection in a mirror because they believe their reflection is another fish trying to take their territory.

Betta fish can actually become constipated if the temperature is too low or if they’ve being overfed. This can lead to serious injury or death for the fish.

A betta fish’s stomach is only as big as their eyeball and for this reason, they need to be fed with small but frequent meals. A lot of owners prefer to feed them two to three times a day with small helpings.

You can actually put brine shrimp inside of ice cubes in your betta fish’s tank. They’ll slowly poke at the ice cube and then eat the shrimp once it’s small enough.

Betta fish have a name that actually comes from a group of Ancient warriors that derived from Thailand. They were given the name solely for their fighting skills.

Betta fish primarily prefer to feed on insect, worms and fish pellets. Betta fish are carnivores.

The taste buds for betta fish are actually in their fins.

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