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Aquarium Care

There is MUCH more to Aquarium Care Than just Cleaning. The words Aquarium Care is mostly associated with the cleaning and maintenance of the tank itself. This is only partially true as cleaning and maintenance are only a small but important part of the care process.

Aquarium Care
There is a lot to consider and be aware of to operate successfully and problem free home aquariums. Apart from the hardware like the tank, filters etc, best kept in mind is the wellbeing of the live inhabitants.

This is why we see this section on care as a must read for the serious aquarist. It will host topics like caring for aquarium fish, the cloudy fish tank and breeding aquarium fish as well. Learn more about aquarium water changes and when and how to do that. Get good suggestions on goldfish bowl care for the fish bowl keeper.

Read all about our tips on choosing aquarium fish and the correct fish tank temperature for valuable information to optimize your system.

See also the section on fresh water aquarium plants that we will classify as a living thing, and other information around types and their suitability for the various aquariums.

Plastic/silk plants will also be touched upon. Home aquarium fish diseases is a very relevant topic that most of the time contribute hugely to the aquarium discussions. Goldfish diseases, identifying it and possible cures as well as goldfish feeding, are a must read for the goldfishkeeper.

We will also cover care topics for other pets such as lizards, turtles, the Mexican Blonde Tarantula and other reptiles. Plants only tanks and other interesting units will all be included and how to properly care for them. Want a good functioning system? Here is the best advice and more great reading coming up to achieve that.

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