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Backyard waterfalls

In this article I’ll tell you about Backyard waterfalls. There is an amazing aspect to keep in mind when you consider adding backyard waterfalls to your garden pond. Backyard waterfalls add an elegant look to your landscape plus the tranquil sounds of moving water. Sitting out relaxing by your pond after a hard days work can be very stress relieving and therapeutic.

Backyard waterfalls

You can set the sound to fit your liking just by increasing and decreasing the size and design. Backyard waterfalls also make for a great aerator which helps add oxygen to the water for the fish. There are many things to think about before jumping into the construction of backyard waterfalls.

Designing backyard waterfalls into your water garden can be one of the most creative ventures you can put into your project. Using materials from your surroundings can not only ease the budget burden, but also make your water feature unique to the area where you live.

There are two very important parts to put together before starting backyard waterfalls, (size and pump). Decide the height and how far from the pump you will need to pump your water. This will facture into what size pump you will need. You also need to know how much water is in the pond. There is a simple way to calculate this.

  • Multiply the length, width and depth of the pond and multiply the results by 7.5.
  • The GPH(gallons per hour) for backyard waterfalls should be close to this figure.

You will also have to increase the size of the pump(GPH) depending on the height of the waterfall from the pump. There is usually a drop down chart that comes with most pumps that compare height to GPH.  Once you have that figured out the fun part begins, you can create backyard waterfalls along side a hill, aside a fence or build an artificial burm.

Lay down a waterproof liner in the manor to channel the water to the pond, hide the plumbing however you like, attach the right size pump and have fun decorating. Of course it not quiet that simple but, you get the picture. You can also get an experienced contractor to help, this may cost a little more, but the expert advice can help ensure backyard waterfalls will be there for you to enjoy for years to come.

For those who don’t have a lot of space, there is always the option of pondless backyard waterfalls. This is a special water feature where the water disappears into the ground or under a rock formation. The pump is submersed in a underground water chamber collecting the water that disappears and pumping it back to the waterfall. They can fit in a small area and create that special place for peace and serenity. Lay back and relax reading a book and letting the mechanical sounds of life drift away listening to the soothing sounds of moving water.
Backyard waterfalls in our opinion are what makes a garden pond really makes a stand out statement. They can make a pond really come to life, along side all the colorful fish of course. If your going to spend your money on something you really are going enjoy, backyard waterfalls are really beautiful.

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