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Why you need fish tank decorations!

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Why you need fish tank decorations! The term fish tank decoration can be applied to anything inside an aquarium that enhances it visually. Decorations range from the real (organic) to the fake (plastic), encompassing everything from the classic plastic scuba diver to a background wallpaper.

Why you need fish tank decorations!

Broadly, Fish tank decorations include:

  • Man-made (fake)
  1. Fake plants (plastic or silk)
  2. Fake Driftwood (plastic or silk)
  3. Fake Rocks (ceramic or plastic)
  4. Fake accessories (ceramic or plastic)
  • Dead Organic
  1. Rocks
  2. Driftwood
  3. Substrates
  • Live Organic
  1. Plants
  2. Coral
  3. Algae

Whatever decorations you choose, there are great benefits for both you and your fish.

Makes your tank more presentable

Decorations add color, depth, and focal points to your fish tank, making it something to be proud of. Even dull-colored decorations have the benefit of making your fish “pop out” more visually in comparison. A well-decorated fish tank can be a very nice contribution to your home or business.

Provides Cover

Decorations provide cover for the fish, helping them lower their stress levels and become more active. In the wild, fish in open water are more vulnerable to predators, and so having decorations around your tank can be the difference between a happy fish and one that is consistently in fear. Mid-dwelling tetras, for example, will swim higher in a tank where there are tall decorations.

Brings out natural behavior

Having decorations to interact with allows your fish to show off a larger number of behaviors. A territorial fish may use a decoration to mark the end of its territory, while bottom dwelling fish may take advantage of certain substrates (sand, gravel, or soil lining the bottom of your fish tank) to dig to their heart’s content.

Lowers your stress and anxiety

Viewing a well-kept aquarium allows its viewers to reduce their stress and anxiety by relieving muscle tension and improving focus. Some fishkeepers are well aware of this phenomenon, and it’s one of the main reasons why aquariums are often kept in an office setting. There is nothing to sooth your mind of its troubles then watching fish go about their day in a beautiful setting. Don’t just take my word for it, but google “aquarium therapy” to find out more!

Fish are less likely to get sick

This goes hand in hand with the idea of providing cover for fish. Most fish are well aware that they are prey in the wild, and so will be stressed and uncomfortable if they feel exposed and vulnerable. A well decorated tank can alleviating a fish’s stress as well as your own, thereby improving their immune system ability to resist common disease. Happy fish are also less likely to be aggressive to its tankmates, even in the case of territorial fish.

All in all, fish tank decorations provide great benefits to both the fish and the fishkeeper. As you can see, the best type of decorations are both beneficial for your viewing and for your fish. Even decorations with no obvious uses for the fish (such as the very popular Spongebob plastic decorations) are infinitely better for your aquarium than no decorations at all.

What are some of the benefits you’ve noticed since decorating your aquarium?

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