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About Freshwater Aquarium Fish

This article is about Freshwater Aquarium Fish. Freshwater aquarium fish are a wonderful addition to your home, but when you decide to get some for yourself you need to be prepared for the responsibility. The first thing to remember when starting your new home aquarium is not to rush it. You can’t just run up to the pet store, pick out some fish and dump them in a tank. It’s best to start by making a research visit to your pet store before actually purchasing any fish.

About Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Check out the fish that interest you and find out about their habits, likes and dislikes. Freshwater aquarium fish are generally peaceful creatures, but all types of fish don’t always live well together. Be sure not to purchase a fish that is likely to attack one or more of your other fish. Most pet stores can give you all of the information you need too know about freshwater aquarium fish. This will include details like what they eat and when they should be fed, the healthiest and most comfortable water temperature and how to keep the water properly balanced chemically.

If this is your first home aquarium, freshwater fish are a good place to start, because they are easier to care for than their saltwater counterparts. Fish need water just like every other living being, and freshwater fish get the water they need from the water in which they live. Therefore, your fish’s good health depend on the condition of the water in your aquarium. For saltwater fish, water care is somewhat complicated, which is why freshwater fish are a better idea for the rookie aquarium owner. Freshwater fish can live happily with water temperature fluctuations of up to 10 degrees, while saltwater fish can only handle differences of 2 degrees.

Since regulating the water in an aquarium can be tricky, it is easy for new fish owners to become discouraged, especially if any of their freshwater aquarium fish don’t make it. Because water condition and temperature are so important to the good health of freshwater aquarium fish, it is recommended that you allow your aquarium to run for a few days before adding your fish. Additionally, all gravel, plants and decorations should be thoroughly cleaned before placing them in the tank.
Once your aquarium is up and running, test your water and make sure the ammonia and nitrite levels are acceptable before putting any fish in the tank. Feel free to include live plants in your aquarium environment, as they contribute healthy bacteria to the water. When your water chemistry is acceptable, you can add your fish, but not too many. Three of four fish is a good starting number for a new aquarium. Monitor these first fish for at least a month before introducing any additional fish, and also make sure that the ammonia levels fall back to zero.

Keeping your freshwater aquarium fish healthy will be fun and fulfilling if you keep these few recommendations in mind. Remember not to over feed your fish. Leftover food turns into trash in the tank, which then becomes ammonia that is dangerous to freshwater fish. It is also important to clean both the filter and tank on a regular basis. Follow the filter manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the filter, and clean and replace approximately a third of the tank’s water every month or so. These simple procedures can give your freshwater aquarium fish a long and happy life!

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