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Purple Tang

The Latin name of Purple tang is Zebrasoma xanthurus. They are also known as Red Sea Purple Tang, Yellowtail Tang.

Purple Tang

Characteristic features

The Purple tang is a beautiful Red Sea Fish in purple color with a yellow tail. The fish is usually very hardy by nature and belongs to a family of aggressive members of the species. It can even

Hunt for a fish with similar behavior and shape. However, it can cope up very well with the community in the tank. Try to arrange a swimming room and a suitable hiding place for this fish. Large purple tangs are rare but small and medium sized ones are quiet common.

The size of the purple tangs vary greatly

  • The small Purple tangs              1”- 2” or the size may vary.
  • The medium Purple tangs        2″-3″ or the size may vary.
  • The large Purple tangs                3″-4″ or the size may vary.
  • The X-Large Purple tangs                 4″-5″ or the size may vary.

The minimum aquarium size to keep a Purple tang fish would be at least 20.


The Purple tang is an herbivore. Feed your Purple tang with varied diets. The variety of diet of your Purple tang includes,

  • dried algae sheets         and
  • frozen and flake foods

A Purple tang is compatible with a reef tank. Usually it eats some algae. Some related Purple tang includes

  • Gem Tang
  • Sailfin Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Yellow Tang and
  • More Tangs


The Red Sea fish is always a rare species. They are very unpredictable. So, Purple tangs are in high demand and sold away faster.

The price of the Purple Tang mainly depends on size

A small Purple tang fish would cost you around $129.
A medium Purple tang fish would cost you around $139.
A large Purple tang fish would cost you around $149.00.
An X-Large Purple tang fish would cost you around $175.00.

Perhaps, The Purple Tang is the most wanted Tang in the aquarium industry. So if you already have a rare collection of a Purple Tang in your aquarium, feel great and take proper care of your fish.

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