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Why Choose a Home Freshwater Aquarium?

The article concerns the following question – Why Choose a Home Freshwater Aquarium? Owning a home freshwater aquarium will bring hours of enjoyment and pleasure and some additional benefits most of us would never think off.

Why Choose a Home Freshwater Aquarium

Almost everyone knows what an aquarium is, and most of us will have seen at least one freshwater aquarium in our life. Aquariums can be found in various locations including a wide variety of different business premises. However the majority of fish tanks belong to individuals who have given their home freshwater aquarium ‘pride of place’!

In case you didn’t know it, the meaning of the word, aquarium actually means “water building”. It is derived from two words in the Latin language that mean just that. Very appropriate.

The mid 19th century brought about the form of modern aquariums by the increasing use of glass, however it wasn’t till the mid 20th century that acrylic started to be used for fish tanks and freshwater aquariums. It was also around this time that filters and filtration systems started to become popular.

The home freshwater aquarium, as we know it today, can be found in many different sizes and shapes, but the most common type still remains the rectangular shape, in glass. It’s quite common to see some form of freshwater aquarium, as people love to keep fish as pets.

When choosing to set up your aquarium, there are literally hundreds of options to create a unique environment for your fish. You can choose a simple habitat with plain gravel and artificial plants, or a more complex one consisting of coloured substrate and a variety of live plants, in addition to the many species of tropical fish. Visiting a well stocked pet shop is a good starting point where kit supplies, information and many different ideas can be found.

Benefits of Aquariums

Are there benefits to owning a home freshwater aquarium? Most definitely.

Studies from the 1980’s have shown that owning an aquarium can help you be more relaxed; less stressed and improve your overall health. Surely something we can all benefit from.

For instance, senior citizens who owned an aquarium stocked with fish experienced lower blood pressure. Hyperactive children, who spent time gazing at an aquarium, have been found to experience a calming effect.

Patients receiving dental care, who had the pleasure of watching fish swim in a tank, needed less medication for pain than those who did not. The way a tank is accessorized and decorated also makes a big difference. The more attractive the tank is, the more of a positive effect it will have on the person viewing it.

If you think about it, you may realize that freshwater aquariums are present in many children’s hospital wings, as well as dentists and doctor’s offices and waiting rooms. This is clearly not just a coincidence.

Even Alzheimer’s patients react well to the presence of a home freshwater aquarium, especially one that is in a dining area. They eat better, need less supplements in their diet and experience less aggression.

Even if it’s not possible to have your own home freshwater aquarium, you can get a similar effect by adding one of the many underwater and fish aquarium ’screen-savers’ available for your PC screen! Not the same thing, but it can still have a relaxing effect.

No matter what the shape or size, you can experience the many benefits of less stress, less aggression and feeling an overall calming effect by owning a home freshwater aquarium.

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