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What Koi Fish Colors Say

The article touches upon the issue of What Koi Fish Colors Say. Identifying the colors is the most important thing to consider when looking into the classification of a Koi. A growing number of people are into keeping these as pets in their homes and backyards, as they are attracted by their beauty.

What Koi Fish Colors Say

Koi Fish – or nishikigoi in Japan – symbolizes steady persistence and determination to overcome times of distress. To the vibrant colors, their marbled patterns and lustrous scales not only make them a symbol of masculinity, but also elicit an aesthetic appreciation for them.

Koi’s come in different colors, it is good to know how these varieties differ, taking into account the different names they have according to their hues:

  • Kohaku: Grandfather to all varieties of a Koi, kohaku are easily recognized by color (literally kohaku) – “red and white”. These are the first koi to exist in Japan around the 19th century.
  • Taishō Sanshoku or Taishō Sanke:These koi resemble kohaku in its primary color of red and white. An additional hue is an irregular and sometimes regular pattern of black spots.
  • Shōwa Sanshokuor Shōwa Sanke: These three-colored koi are black-skinned with red and white markings all over its body.
  • Koromo: These are similar to kohaku in base color – white, with markings of red and a darker color overlay.
  • Utsurimono: These are black-bodied with a single colored marking (any among red, yellow and white). The blots of black typically creates an image of ink, thus it goes by the name utsuri (“to print”).
  • Asagi: These are “pale blue” (asagi) koi whose bellies vary in colors of red, yellow and cream.
  • Shusui: “Autumn Water”, these are sky blue or gray in color, with red or orange lining. These have no scales other than a large vertical scale extending from their head to tail.
  • Ochiba:The names means falling leaves. Its base color is light blue with indefinite yellow markings.
  • Bekko: Their base are in sole hues of white, yellow or orange, and their markings are small black spots. Bekko means “tortoise shell”. Shiro Bekko,Ki Bekko and Aka Bekko are names for white, yellow and orange-bodied koi of this variety.
  • Hikarimuji: These metallic koi come in single colors.
  • Hikarimoyo: These are metallic koi with colored patterns overlay.
  • Hikari Utsuri: Have metallic with patterns of black markings.
  • Doitsu: Covered in a white base body with red orange markings and black spots.
  • Kin Gin Rin: This is a group category of koi distinguished by a golden body with red, silver and black trimmings. Fish which fall under this category are Gin Rin Kohaku, Gin Rin Sanke, Gin Rin Showa.
  • Matsuba: Koi with pinecone-like scales. These fish have only one color which is orange.
  • Karasugoi: A koi with an orange belly and a black base color.
  • Butterfly Koi: Are under the lineage of the asian carp. Their long flowing wings look like that of a butterfly’s when spread.

These colors from a Koi symbolize different positive meanings. From friendship to love, gems to lucky business colors. A Koi makes it right for its owner to appreciate things in a different perspective because of its bright and enticing colors.

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