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Undergravel Filter

The best way to keep a clean tank is to start out with getting the best filter. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can run into many headaches from having to frequently clean your aquarium. To avoid this stress, it is best to do as much research as you can and ask questions of other fish owners especially if you are a beginner. It can save you much time and money down the road. Double check the information you receive and back it up with two to three sources. One filtration system that provides easy economical filtration is the Undergravel filter (UGF).

Undergravel Filter

These systems are the most cost effective out of all the filtration systems as well as the most simple; the UGF is provided only as a biological filter and functions best in fresh water tanks. Water is forced down toward the bottom of the tank through the substrate. Gravel is usually placed on the bottom of the tank to assist with the filtration process. Good bacteria collect amongst the gravel to help break down particles and debris during this process. Debris that gets stuck in the gravel can slow down the filtration process.

This type of system can be very difficult to clean. To reduce the possibility of clogging, you can attach a sponge to the water intake. The sponge will provide you with a mechanical filtration (a process to remove debris by passing it through some type of medium, such as a sponge), which is needed before it passes under the gravel. One more way of preventing clogs is to use a reverse flow UGF. This is where you would place a power head in the tank to force the water up through the gravel helping to prevent clogs. This system shouldn’t be used if you have large gravel or fast currents.

UnderGravel Filter Benefits

* Economical – can be purchased for less than $40
* Very effective – if used with a reverse flow UGF.
* Durability – Most suitable for aquariums without big rocks or decorations that could lead to filtration clogging.

UnderGravel Filters

Lee’s Fresh and Salt Water Biological Filtration with an Undergravel Filter – tank sizes range from 115 to 150 gallons.
Features include: Fish saver elbow, 1″ uplift tube (provides more water flow), easy set up and maintenance (glass and acrylic tanks)

Economy Undergravel Filter – tank sizes range from 40 to 55 gallons.
Features include: cost effective, easy maintenance biological filtration, adjustable uplift tubes that prevents fish injuries, and a Discard-a-Stone air diffuser.

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