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Types of Turtles

There are several types of turtles that thrive in different parts of the world. There are turtles that prefer to have both dry land and water, and there are those that are known as aquatic turtles, which mainly live in water. Before buying a turtle and learning about general turtle care, know what type of turtle you want first.

Types of Turtles

Before learning how to look after turtles, know the difference between a terrapin, tortoise and turtle.

Terrapins usually live on land but do require some water to wet themselves with. They are both carnivorous and vegetarian. Tortoises are “land turtles” and do not hibernate. Finally, turtles are actually aquatic turtles because the live in the sea—however pet terrapins are also called “turtles” even though they do not live in the sea.

The most common types of turtles in the United States include red-eared sliders . Their carapaces appear as disc-shaped and with green and yellow blotches or stripes. Proper turtle care in this case includes providing a large tank.

Other common types of turtles include Florida cooters, painted turtles and map turtles. All these turtles will still require you to learn how to look after turtles in general. All turtles, whether they are aquatic turtles, preferring dry land or suited to a damp environment, need a lot of commitment as opposed to popular belief. You cannot leave a turtle in a basin filled with water and feed it fish food and expect it to live long.

Florida cooters is a type of turtle that resemble red-eared sliders expect that they have less patterns and are mainly vegetarians.

Map turtles are partially aquatic turtles, and prefer to live in an environment that is very clean and where there are less obstacles.

Mud turtles tend to have no decorations or patterns. In this case, turtle care is easy because mud turtles are able to adapt very fast in captivity.

Choosing the best types of “beginner” or “starter” turtles will help you learn how to look after turtles more. You should realize that there are types of turtles that are easier than others to make as pets. Doing so will help your turtle live longer as well as help you enjoy your pet.

The Peninsula cooter is one of the best starter turtles. They are quite tough and mostly herbivorous. They are able to live in a community tank and like to bask during the summer, and so you may place them outdoors in the pond if available. Another good start turtle is the slider (as mentioned earlier). Once you’ve gotten the hang of proper turtle care, you can move on to owning so-called “intermediate” turtles.

A good intermediate turtle is the North American Wood turtle. This type of turtle is known to be a quick learner and likes to swim, bask, burrow and look for food or sleep at the bottom of streams, so they may be considered as semi aquatic turtles.

Other good intermediate turtles include Asian box turtles. Although the amount of turtle care required will vary among the different types of turtles, starter turtles will require as much commitment as intermediate turtles.

Now that you know some common types of turtles, you’ll be more familiar with how to look after turtles in your home. Proper turtle care is essential for any turtle you get.

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