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Three Faces of Unique Desktop Aquariums

This article is about Three Faces of Unique Desktop Aquariums. To some people, unique desktop aquariums no matter how small are enough to stimulate their creative juices. The mini fish tanks most commonly found in desktops are the fish bowls which do not occupy too much space. The material used for them are either glass or plastic, and their round shape is sometimes modified in spherical configuration.

Three Faces of Unique Desktop Aquariums

What is good about fish bowls is that they are easy to maintain, and that there are many colorful fishes whose size are just right for a small fish tank. And despite their small size, an aquatic plant or two can also be incorporated into the fish bowl to mimic some idealized underwater habitat.

Another fun desktop-type fish tank to keep and maintain is a coffee table aquarium. Like a fish bowl, this aquarium provides enough satisfaction as long as sufficient effort is exerted to make it as sophisticated as larger fish tanks. The coffee table fish tanks are relatively more affordable than larger aquariums, and are also easier to assemble.

These aquariums are usually available in paet shops as pre-packaged, ready-to-assemble systems. The directions on the assembly of light and filter systems should be well spelled out. There should also be instructions on water placement. Usually, the tank has to be filled to three-fourths of its capacity. Aquarium salt and chlorine neutralizer should also be added to the water, and there has to be a 24-hour waiting time before fish and plants are introduced in the tank.

It is in the light system where the desk top or coffee table aquarium will need some special attention. A heater is often only available in the larger fish tank models, and the light bulb is oftentimes the only heat source. It is necessary, therefore, to keep the light on during cool periods, and shut off during periods of high temperatures.

Keeping fish that are not too sensitive to temperature changes would also be ideal in this situation. Fishes suitable for small aquariums’ temperature and size limitations include common guppies, green or albino catfish, goldfish, barbs and danios.

The face of virtual reality, your unique desktop aquarium in 3D

For those with really limited space and want a desktop aquarium, the choice is of course to go virtual reality. Virtual aquariums are of course the computer programs rendering an aquarium in three-dimensional graphics display as screensavers on a personal computer. These programs are usually offered over the internet The program presents a fish tank as realistically as possible, with swimming fish across every so often, bubbles of air rising and aquatic plants moving. Sounds commonly associated with aquariums are also oftentimes incorporated into these desktop aquariums.

Aside from fish, some virtual aquariums also feature other aquatic animals like sea horses, turtles, jellyfish and starfish. Some software designers of desktop aquariums also offer for paid download the fish that could be added to the virtual fish habitat. Other aquarium paraphernalia in 3D graphics, such as giant clams, divers and treasure chests, are likewise offered for download online as additions to the virtual fish habitats, which by any measure are unique desktop aquariums.

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