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The Correct Use of Fish Tank Filter

In the article I’ll tell you about The Correct Use of Fish Tank Filter. Fish tank filter is a device used for water purification and oxygenating, its role are: clear manure and other contaminants in the water, keeping the water clear, no harmful substances, maintaining adequate oxygen, no pollution, and water quality suitable for fish growth. When the design and manufacture of your fish tank filter systems has been perfect, but also need the correct use in order to fully play its role. No matter how powerful fish tank filter should also consider stocking density, which is the premise of maintaining good water quality.

The Correct Use of Fish Tank Filter

  • Rational use of filter material.

In the current market, there are a large number of new type filter material, and they are expensive. The price of high-end filter material, and even much higher than the aquarium itself. In this article, the conventional filter material will not be described in detail.

Currently the most popular is the bacterium house, I’ve tried several brands of far infrared bacteria house, their advantages are chemically stable, and PH values fluctuate slightly, but will produce slag dust, in the first month of use , the aquarium is very turbid. When selecting these upscale filter material, physical properties and chemical stability are preferred conditions, it is best to buy a small amount first.

  • According to the water quality adjustment needs to select the filter material.

In the physical filtration process, white cotton is required, preferably simultaneously with the coarse and fine, to meet the needs of physical entrapment. If there are no other requirements, you can only use the physical filter material and biological filter material. Of course, if the requirement for water is relatively high, you may be appropriately selected softener resin, etc., to adjust the water quality.

  • The rational allocation of fish tank filter pumps.

Recently, I used a few different brands of fish tank filter pumps, some fish tank filter pump prices relatively low, but the quality is poor, with less than half a year, the displacement losses increased significantly, failed to achieve the desired effect, and the noise is relatively large, some even unbearable.

When selecting fish tank filter pump, pump displacement should be 4 to 6 times the total volume of the aquarium and the filter tank, and we should also eliminating the loss of displacement, so as to achieve the desired effect of water treatment. For example, I have used a pump which marked displacement is 10,000, but the actual flow rate is just over 7000, and does not exclude other pump displacement losses will be even greater.

  • Improve the nitrogen cycle process.

Although already equipped with high-grade fish tank filter pump and high level bio-filter, if there is no reasonable use and maintenance, it will be difficult to achieve good filtering effect. Regular maintenance is required to be done, such as white cotton should be regularly cleaned and replaced, and the number of filter material need to meet the stocking density. Even the biological filter material, when the water quality is seriously aging or PH values fell sharply, be sure to replace batches to ensure water quality is stable.

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