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Spotting Aquarium Fish Diseases Before It’s Too Late

The article gives an analysis of Spotting Aquarium Fish Diseases Before It’s Too Late. No matter how great is the fish tank filter that you have set up or how well you you’ve cared for your fish, they will potentially get sick. Fish can get sick for any number of reasons but mainly it is either due to the introduction of new fish into the tank or too frequent changing of the aquarium water or even when a fish has been in a fight and has an open wound.

Spotting Aquarium Fish Diseases Before It’s Too Late

Aquarium Fish Diseases

Whatever are the reasons for your fish getting sick, the most urgent thing to do is to isolate them in a quarantine tank so that they would have a chance to recover and also so that the disease does not spread to the other fish. The following are some of the most common aquarium fish diseases:

Aquarium Fish Diseases #1:  Ich

Ich is among the most common aquarium fish diseases. When a fish has Ich, their scales break out in little spots all over as if they have been sprinkled with salt. The fish would feel itchy and would usually rub themselves against the aquarium decorations until they bleed. Ich is highly contagious. The infected fish needs to be isolated immediately and the entire tank washed. You would have to treat all the fish, not only the infected fish or else the rest of the fish will soon succumb to Ich as well. You can treat the fish with Fish Pen.

Aquarium Fish Diseases #2:  Fungus

Fungus looks like slimy white puffs on the fish’s body. Just like Ich, fungus will cause the fish to scrape itself against any rough surfaces, causing it to bleed. Left on its own, the fungus will eat away at the fishes outer skin and kill it. Fungus too is highly contagious and the entire tank must be treated. You can also use Fish Pen to treat fungus.

Aquarium Fish Diseases #3:  Clamped Fins

Clamped fins is actually the first sign that a fish is getting sick. The best way to treat clamped fins is to thoroughly clean and sanitize the tank. You can still use Fish Pen to treat clamped fins. Also add some aquarium salt to the newly changed water. Doing this will help get rid of whatever was affecting your fish.

Aquarium Fish Diseases #4:  Open Sores

Most of time time, open sores happen because the fish had gotten hurt in a fight or for roughly scraping itself against the decor. To treat open sores, isolate the fish from the other fish in new water and treat it with Fish Pen. Only return the fish back into the aquarium once the sores have healed. These are some of the most common aquarium fish diseases that your fish might encounter. For most aquarium fish diseases, Fish Pen is a miracle cure and is one I would highly recommend.

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