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Some of The Common and Popular Koi Types

That article is about Some of The Common and Popular Koi Types. With their domesticated varieties and decorative advantages, koi or nishikigoi are undoubtedly one of the most popular pet fishes. Their availability and affordability encouraged pond owners and beginners to adopt koi as their pets.

Some of The Common and Popular Koi Types

Their attractive combination of colors makes them great additions to outdoor ponds and water gardens. More and more breeders started growing koi and introduced new and different varieties and colors of the popular fish. Nevertheless, white, black, red, yellow, blue and cream remain the most common colors. Nowadays, koi are no longer considered as ordinary fishes but are perceived as a symbolism of love and friendship.


Koi Types

Koi are categorized into different types as indicated by their colors, patterns and scales. Some varieties are new and are still currently being developed while others have been existing for several years already.


Distinguished by their white skin with red markings, kohaku is one of the oldest koi types. The name also literally means white and red. The red (beni or hi) pattern on the top part of the koi should have a consistent deep and even hue and should cover at least 50 percent of the entire body part of the koi. There are no black speckles in the body, leaving the koi’s base color as pure and snowy
white. Even with the rise of other types, kohaku remains one of the earliest and most popular varieties.


Introduced in 1914 during the reign of the Taisho Emperor, Sanke or Taisho Sansoku bears a lot of similarities with the Kohaku variety such as the deep hue in the markings, clear and even edges and pure snow white base color. However, unlike Kohaku, there are small patterns of black speckles in the upper part of the koi’s body.


Named after the reigning Showa Emperor in 1927 when the Showa variety was first introduced, Showa Sanshoku or Showa Sanke has a black base color with red and white markings. Unlike the small patterns in Sanke, the black speckles in Showa are in big blocks and large areas.


Its deep and chocolate-like brownish color distinguishes Chagoi from other types of koi’s. Its friendliness and growth ability made Chagoi another popular koi variety, despite its dark and gloomy color. Koi lovers would even recommend having Chagoi to balance the colors of your pets. The Chagoi variety is also considered as a good luck charm. Koi lovers appreciate the domesticated temperament of Chagoi.


With their bright metallic color, Ogon can certainly catch anybody’s attention. Its metallic sheen only has one specific and distinct color. Most common colors of the Ogon variety include orange, platinum and gold. There are no black speckles or white markings.


A fish with no scales, the Shusui variety is named after the Japanese term for ‘autumn water’. This koi type was introduced in 1910. The Shusui variety is also known for its lesser large mirror scales. Most Shusui only has one large mirror scale in the dorsal part from head to tail. Distinguishing characteristics of this variety also include clearly aligned blue scales.

These are just some of the common and popular koi types. More types are yet to come as breeders continue exploring other varieties and cross-breeding one type with another.

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