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Protecting Your Koi Fish with The Right Treatment

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on Protecting Your Koi Fish with The Right Treatment. Koi fish are primarily for ornamental purposes. The breed is the combination of Asian and German carp. They are easily domesticated and are also sensitive pets. Koi fish cannot survive under some circumstances and it is very important that, as a breeder, you know the basic fish treatments to protect this breed.

Protecting Your Koi Fish with The Right Treatment

There are two ways you can improve or protect your fish. First, applying the necessary treatment by focusing on the life of the fish; and secondly, improving the water pond where they live.


Fish Treatment for Immediate Koi Results:

There are Koi fish medications that can be applied to the breed. You can easily find the best medication from the market but it is very important that you medicate with proper caution to safeguard the life of the fish.

1. Anti-parasitic medications:
When you see your fish with some granules sprinkled on the body of the fish, more likely the fish has white spot parasite problem. Usually, you can easily detect parasitic problem in the breed if the fish experiences irritation or it rubs or scratch itself on the surface of the pond.

To solve the problem, you need to pour some parasitic solutions into the pond. But a word of caution: be sure the solution you will use is Koi friendly; it may damage the vitality of the fish.

2. Bacterial problems:
To hint if the breed has bacterial infection, look for ragged fins or some red areas of the tissue. Instances with these problems need the direct application on the affected area. You need to check for the best of treatments before applying, to be sure that the breed will not get none of the stress.

3. Fungal problems:
If your Koi fishes have problems with lesions on the skin or in the tissue, it is very important to get the necessary fungal treatment. You need to apply the ointment or solution direct to the affected area. But it is also very important to apply the right fungal removal solution in the water pond.

Fish Treatment for Lasting Koi Maintenance:

After you have treated this problem, it is very important to look for ways to avoid the same problem by creeping back in. Usually, the stress of the breed increases if the medication will be repeated over and over again. Remember, stress kills the fish.

1. Algal removal:
The increase of algal production in the water pond poses a big threat against exhaustion and digestive tract infection of the koi fish. You can get algae solutions from the market and apply it to the pond. Or you can reduce the production of residual nutrients from their fish foods and waste by using necessary filters.

2. Water conditioner:
Koi’s are tropical carps, they love to live in a seemingly humid place but not too cold. As a breeder, you know very well that as season changes, water temperature change and it is a must to constantly add water, top water conditioner to level the temperature of the koi fish habitat.

There are many ways to treat common koi fish problems but it s very important that you choose the right medication to help your fish live longer.

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