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Marine Fish Tanks

In the article I’ll tell you about Marine Fish Tanks. If you are planning to opt for marine fish tanks, it is better to arrange a large area for stability in water quality and temperature. The size of these types of fish tanks must be at least 55/ 60 gallons. Though it will cost you more initially, you can avoid the frequent resetting cost that is associated with smaller tanks.

Marine Fish Tanks

The marine fish tanks come in various shapes, size and materials. Usually the size of these tanks range from 10 gallons up to 100 gallons. In terms of shape, these tanks are available in traditional rectangular and square as well as in hexagon and oblong. Apart from the conventional glass tanks, Acrylic tanks are also in fashion. In fact, the Acrylic tanks that use a solvent to join the pieces of acrylic are stronger than the glass tanks that use silicone to join their edges.

There are two types of filtration used in marine fish tanks. The Undergravel, which is combined with a Canister filter and the external Wet Dry Trickle filters, which are more effective and need plumbing. Moreover, it is better if you can keep your marine fish tanks in the same parameters as the sea. This needs a salt level of 1.025, temperature of 28 and PH level of 8-3. However, these types of fish tanks usually cost more than ordinary aquarium fish tanks.

Maintenance Tips for Marine Fish Tanks:

• It is better to avoid pouring out the entire fish tank in order to clean it. This will disturb the biological balance of the tank and thus will cause undue stress on your marine fish.

• Avoid using soap, detergent or any other such products on or around your fish tank.

• Try not to change more than 40% of the water of you fish tank at a time.

• In order to retain the existing biological balance change only half of your filter media at a time.

• Since oils or other films usually cause stress in fish, it is better to limit the number of time you put you hands in the water.

• Do not pick up pieces of gravel unnecessarily while cleaning the inside of your marine fish tanks.

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