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How to Ensure the Survival of Aquarium Catfish

The article gives you some information on How to Ensure the Survival of Aquarium Catfish. Aquarium catfish are popular choices for many home aquarium enthusiasts. The catfish is unique in appearance and characteristics from other fish in the sea. Catfish have what appear to be whiskers on either side of their mouth, hence the name. Catfish are the only scale-free fish, and they have the ability to release a stinging protein when they feel threatened or irritated.

How to Ensure the Survival of Aquarium Catfish

Armored catfish are the most common aquarium catfish. The armored catfish is well- suited for the home aquarium because it is smaller than other catfish varieties. Because catfish thrive under certain conditions, it is recommended that you decide whether or not to include catfish in your aquarium before you purchase and set up your tank. Armored catfish are bottom-feeders, so they do best when you use soft base material in your aquarium. Catfish also like to hide, so make sure they have plenty of nooks and crannies to scuttle away to for comfort and security.

Aquarium catfish don’t require much above what you are providing to the other fish in your tank. Since they eat off the bottom, you might want to try a fish food that sinks to the floor of the aquarium. As with other freshwater aquarium fish, catfish do well with water temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, with a neutral pH balance.

Depending on the species, catfish have been known to be a bit goofy and entertaining. All catfish are not created equal, but they usually offer up some fun for the aquarium owner. Some aquarium catfish will enjoy hanging out in a group, others prefer to be left alone. Regardless of personality type, catfish are good aquarium inhabitants because they prefer dwelling in the corners and caves that other fish don’t frequent. Catfish get along quite well with other community fish, the only exception being cichlids, who tend to be territorial and thus cause problems.

Before adding catfish to your aquarium, make sure they aren’t moving in with fish that are too much smaller in size. Catfish are generally well behaved, but they may attack and eat small fish in the tank. Also remember that catfish are nocturnal. They do better when they are fed at night or at least late in the day, so you will want to adjust your feeding schedule accordingly.

Armored catfish are a delightful and fun addition to any home aquarium. They are sure to provide you with years of both enjoyment and entertainment, as long as you keep their watery environment healthy and clean.


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