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Goldfish – An Indoor Hobby

In this article I’ll tell you about Goldfish – An Indoor Hobby.

Goldfish - An Indoor Hobby

Create a Colorful Aquarium Environment

Goldfish are a great indoor hobby. The numerous varieties of goldfish bred for indoor aquariums are colorful, interesting and quickly become a hobbyist’s delight.

A Tankful of Fun

Tranquil, peaceful and serene, tiny sea creatures of many colors swim gracefully in an aquarium tank catching the eye of all who pass by. Goldfish, as an indoor hobby, are relatively easy to maintain. Other than keeping the aquarium tank clean and the water stable, it’s up to the hobbyist to choose from a multitude of goldfish fish to stock the tank.

Plan Ahead For Best Results

Determine how much effort will go into maintaining the aquarium before making any purchases. A larger tank will require some type of regular water filtration to maintain pH levels. A small glass bowl of the type that is most often identified with goldfish is easiest of all to maintain. Once, this issue is resolved, the next step is to choose the type of fish to be stocked in the aquarium tank. Not all breeds of goldfish co-habitate well together while others breed too well together and crossbred compromising the intent to have a varied stock.

The size of the tank will also determine the amount of growth fish can attain. Place two small goldfish in a larger tank and their growth will double. Keep in mind that the shape of a fishbowl or tank should have sufficient area for absorption of oxygen and dissipation of carbon dioxide or fish will be lethargic. Most aquarium professionals recommend a rectangular tank for best pH balance and absorption/dissipation rates. Goldfish, unlike certain other fish, are uncomfortable in crowded tanks. Crowding causes stress that shortens their lifespan considerably.

The Ancient History of Goldfish

Goldfish have been around for more than 300 years. Though ancient data supplies reference to goldfish in Chinese poetry as early as 800 AD, European authors mention them around the early 1600s. Goldfish are extremely hardy and are highly prized for their beautiful coloring. Goldfish are members of the carp family. There are numerous varieties of goldfish bred in many respects, thanks to the experimentation of the Japanese.

Goldfish of Many Shapes and Colors

Lionhead goldfish differ in color and shape from Pearlscale goldfish while Celestial goldfish have bulging eyes and lack a dorsal fin. One of the most glitzy of goldfish species is the Veiltail with its long feather-like, flowing tail. Goldfish are not always gold in color. Black mollies, white and red-crowned Hammerscale , Nacreous Calico, Bronze Fringetail and Blue Scale Bubble Eye are also considered part of the goldfish family. One of the most spectacular of the breed is the Redcap Oranda.

Diet affects the color of goldfish Although, some goldfish like the oranda do a dramatic color change from bright orange to black and back again. Lionhead goldfish are not great swimmers. Orange and White Ranchus are passive in nature and won’t pair well with more aggressive goldfish.

An Outdoor Goldfish Pond?

Because goldfish are so attractive, many hobbyists love to keep an outdoor pond stocked with this breed. This depends entirely on the location of the pond. In rural areas, a pond stocked with goldfish may invite predators. This should be a consideration before attempting to create an outdoor goldfish pond.

An Aquarium Is Like A Gazing Ball

An aquarium indoors or out is like a gazing ball full of pretty goldfish. It’s a great hobby. But, goldfish are also fairly maintenance-free. At the end of a stressful day, there’s nothing more calming than gazing into the aquarium stocked with pretty goldfish.

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