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Goldfish are one of the most common pets that can live for 20 years if taken proper care. There are many people who keep gold fish in bowls, but that reduces their life span considerably.


Therefore, if you are planning to opt for one, it is better to keep them in a fish tank. Moreover, to keep your gold fish healthy you will need to have a moderate sized fish tank. An aquarium that can hold at least 10 gallons of water will be suitable. This is essential for providing sufficient space for the fish. You will also need a good filter to keep the water clean and hygienic as these fish are very messy creatures.

In addition, your gold fish tank will need some more accessories. These include:

Lights and heater

Lights are very essential for the growth of the fish as well as for the plants. These fish can live in a temperature of 78 to just below freezing point. Hence, heating is not necessary unless you want to keep them at a constant temperature.

Plants and rocks

Live plants are essential as they produce oxygen. However, the gold fish are nibblers and may harm your plants. Therefore, to save a lot of your money you can opt for plastic plants or can buy plants like Java ferns and the grass like plants as gold fish do not like to nibble them. Moreover, these fish like to pick up rocks. So use river rocks as they are too big to get in their mouths.

Water clarifier and test kits

Water clarifier as such Amquel is essential for your gold fish tank to get rid of chorine, bleaches or other types of toxins in water. In addition, you will need test kits like the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates to check the water before changing.

Gold fish come in a different varieties and shape. These include black moor, oranda, bubble eye, butterfly tail, fantail, celestial eye, pompom, moor and telescope eye. Due to their bright color, all these fish are very relaxing to look at for both old and young. Moreover, setting up a gold fish tank is also very cheap and convenient for beginners.

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