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Getting the Right Picture Angles of Your Koi Fish

The aim of the article is to provide you with some material on Getting the Right Picture Angles of Your Koi Fish. If you are a fish breeder or a fish enthusiast, you will surely do everything to maintain the health of your pets. Your koi fish may be showing signs of life and health, but you don’t want to take a chance on them dieing. So, you decided to take pictures of your pets for a detailed documentary on their progress.

Getting the Right Picture Angles of Your Koi Fish

Koi fish have been known for their historical value, beauty and health. Fish owners have reported that these fish will become tamed and may even feed directly from a human’s hand without thinking of hurting them. Koi’s are also easier to feed as they are omnivores and may eat from a variety of food groups like fruits, leftovers, insects and milk products.

Fish Pictures may seem hard and tricky at first, but with the right techniques and ample time for practice, you can get useful and good shots. These pictures can later be used as advertising materials when your pets are ready to be sold.

Generally, there are two ways on how to take pictures of a Koi. It is either you leave them in their natural pond environment or take them out and place them in a contained environment like that of a plastic bowl. Placing the koi fish in a bowl may be more convenient as the fish will have lesser movement. Koi fish pictures from a pond environment may prove best but of course, you should have the right camera and skills to get good angles.

Here are some techniques in taking commendable pictures of your Koi fish:

  • Setting your shutter speed to its highest level is the first thing to be considered in taking pictures, because fish swim fast. A slow shutter speed may not yield the best results. Also, position your lens in such a way that light from the water will not be reflected in the picture.

  • The surrounding environment color will also affect the quality of your shots. Dark backgrounds are preferable than light ones so that the fish colors and features will be highlighted.

  • To increase the likelihood of getting the best shots, it is advised to take many pictures in different angles. Lots of pictures would ultimately mean getting the best shots for your advertisement. Those shots that have not been used can just be erased or stored in another disk for future use.

  • Some breeders also use a ruler in their backgrounds to better measure the growth of their pets. You can also ask a second opinion from a professional when in doubt.

If you are a novice in taking koi pictures, you may take a short-term course on photography or watch free videos on the Internet. There are also fish enthusiasts who may want to help you with this project. You may want to meet them in person.

There are also good cameras in some online stores to choose from. Before buying, read the reviews, compare prices and check the reputation of the online store.

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