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Getting Rid Of Algae On Sponge Filters

This article tells you about Getting Rid Of Algae On Sponge Filters. One common question which I keep getting from my readers these days is how it is possible to have algae on sponge filters. A lot of people are surprised that a sponge filter which is supposed to filter out contaminants can have algae growing on it but this is really not a strange thing, nor is it something to be too concerned about.

Getting Rid Of Algae On Sponge Filters

Algae On Sponge Filters

You need to know how a sponge filter functions in order to figure out how algae on sponge filters can grow. A sponge filter is a very simple filtering device with one major filtration media which is the sponge. When water is drawn into the sponge head, large debris and waste matter is trapped on the sponge surface. This waste is mostly organic matter and is fertilizer for the algae. After all, algae is plant life. This makes the sponge head now an excellent breeding ground for algae.

Cleaning Off Algae On Sponge Filters

The beauty of a sponge filter is how relatively easy it is to clean. All you need to do is take off the sponge head and give it a little wash to get rid of the algae on sponge filters.

To properly wash the sponge head, you should not use tap water. What you should do is use some of the aquarium water. The best time to do this is when you are doing your weekly water change. Instead of throwing away the water, use if first to wash the sponge head. The reason why we do not use tap water is because the sponge head is also home to colonies of beneficial bacteria that will provide biological filtration to hour aquarium. The chlorine in tap water will kill of the beneficial bacteria and cause an imbalance in your fish tank water.

But just cleaning off algae on sponge filters is just a temporary solution. You have to get to the root of e problem which is why is algae growing in your fish tank in the first place. Once you tackle this issue, you would not have to keep cleaning off algae on sponge filters ever again.

Algae On Sponge Filters Causes

Algae is a form of plant life and as long as you know this, preventing algae from breeding in your fish tank and most importantly algae on sponge filters will be extremely easy. Like all forms of plant life, algae need sunlight and nutrients. Without them, the algae would never be able to thrive.

First off, inspect the position that you have placed your fish tank. Is it in a place that gets an ample amount of sunlight each day? Is it close to a window or door, or worst yet is it outdoors? Having a lot of sunlight is the perfect condition for algae growth. If possible, move your aquarium to an area that gets less sunlight.

Next, is there too much free floating nutrients in your fish tank? These nutrients can come from excess food or fish waste. Are you overfeeding your fish and allowing the food to dissolve in the water without the fish finishing it? Also, since you are using a sponge filter, you need to ensure that you perform regular cleaning or the sponge head would be clogged and not providing sufficient filtration.

To limit the amount of plant nutrients in your fish tank you could plant decorative plants that would compete fiercely with the algae for food. Wisteria is the type of plant that I personally use in all my fish tanks that are prone to algae because they are the best competitors to algae.

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